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What's New at Antique Sound Workshop?

Listed below are brief descriptions of the newest items in stock at Antique Sound Workshop, together with links to the pages in our catalogue where these items are to be found.

Zen-On has just announced the availability of their all-new Model G-1A Bressan copy reproduction baroque alto recorder. We have recently received advance samples of this instrument from the maker and have had the opportunity to put it through its paces. We are happy to report that this instrument is, in one word, superb; it is the best plastic recorder now available. Like all plastic recorders, it is very sharp in the middle register, to accommodate inexperienced players using abnormally low breath pressures. However, when retuned to normal breath pressures in our workshop, it produces the same full, complex tone in the middle and low registers and the ringing, bell-like quality in the high register that is characteristic of good reproduction Bressan instruments. We accumulated a large number of preorders for this innovative new instrument within just a few days simply by word of mouth.

Previous attempts by Zen-On and Aulos to produce baroque-design plastic instruments were only partially successful, due to the inherent limitations of the injection molding process. While this production technology is more or less adequate for simpler plastic instruments of modern design, such as the Yamaha 300 series and the Aulos 500 series recorders, it proved to be inadequate for making baroque style recorders: the complex windway contours, bore proportions, and undercut tone holes characteristic of true baroque recorders had to be simplified, and this caused the resulting instruments to fall substantially short of the tonal and response properties of well-made wooden baroque reproduction instruments from custom makers.

Two celebrated Japanese recorder makers, Shigeharu Hirao-Yamaoka and Hiroyuki Takeyama, have been working for the past several years in close collaboration with Zen-On to develop new procedures that overcome the previous limitations of injection molding technology in the production of true baroque-style recorders. First, the intricate parabolic windway contours of baroque instruments, wherein both the upper and lower windway surfaces are separately and differently concave, are now possible to achieve; second, the complex bore proportions which were only partially possible previously are now finally realized in full; last and perhaps most important, the production of undercut tone holes, which was impossible in injection molding, has now been achieved by the ingenious technique of molding the conical tone holes separately from the instrument body and then installing them as plug inserts into the instrument. The use of undercut tone holes also made possible the shortening of the distances between the top three holes for the left hand.

And now for the best news: all of these sophisticated improvements are available in the new Model G-1A Bressan baroque alto recorder at only a minimal $5.00 price increase over the older Zen-On Bressan model! We are now accepting advance orders for our custom-tuned new Zen-On Bressan alto recorders, with deliveries beginning during the months of December and January. Please place your order using our ASW Order Form. All preorders will be filled strictly in the order in which they are received -- please understand that, in fairness to all of our customers, we are not able to make any exceptions to this policy, nor can we guarantee delivery before the Christmas holiday season. We can only service a limited number of these instruments each day in addition to our normal workshop schedule, and it will take us a while to work through the large number of pre-orders for this new instrument. We thank you for your understanding and patience in awaiting delivery. 11/15/2017.

Yamaha has just released the first additions to their plastic recorder offerings since 1996, when the double keyed 300 series tenor was introduced: their new 400 Series Plastic Recorders are identical in acoustical design to their present 300 series, but the new models are being made of a new composite material called Ecodear consisting of 70% ABS plastic resin (all earlier models are being made of 100% ABS plastic) and 30% plant-based resin. These instruments are pale yellow in color and similar to boxwood in appearance, with white imitation ivory trim similar to that in the 300 series instruments. In addition to being more ecologically friendly, the new recorders have a tone quality that is warmer, darker, more covered, and somewhat more like a wooden recorder. Video clips of the new instrument may be seen on the Yamaha website. Both the Ecodear soprano and alto recorders are now in stock for immediate delivery and are priced in between the plain brown plastic YRS-302B and the woodgrain-finish YRS-312B and YRS-314B models. 02/15/2016.

Hal Leonard has just published a remarkable yet inexpensive self-teaching method offering a intensive programmed course of instruction which will allow any musician to develop a highly accurate sense of intonation and pitch recognition in just seven weeks of study. The concept of perfect pitch is often mentioned and frequently misunderstood by both professional and amateur musicians; in point of fact, it is nothing more nor less than acute pitch memory. Far from being a special sense possessed by only a few gifted individuals, it is a highly useful aural skill that can be acquired by all musicians, given a proper course of instruction and investment of the necessary time and effort. We are extremely pleased to offer a very well-written such course: Adam Perlmutter's new Perfect Pitch Method contains a self-instructional method book, three CDs, and additional on-line audio resources as well. Consisting of forty-nine progressive daily lessons, any diligent professional or amateur musician can develop and greatly improve their sense of pitch perception in just seven weeks! Think of it as boot camp for musicians. We highly recommend this inexpensive course of instruction to all beginning, intermediate, and advanced players. 03/07/2015.

The Gerhard Huber workshop in Switzerland has just added to its catalogue three wholly new historical woodwind instruments at extremely attractive prices: soprano and alto transverse flutes, which are essentially baroque recorders with transversely-blown headjoints that use standard recorder fingerings, and a keyless, non-overblowing clarinet or chalumeau with a one octave range that uses simplified recorder fingerings and standard Bb clarinet reeds available in any music store. These three instruments should prove very useful to recorder players wanting to expand their horizons to other types of historical woodwind instruments, and at a bargain price as well. 11/13/2013

Recently we had been looking for some high quality wind chimes to add some musical interest to our own backyard patio. We found that most of the windchimes readily available through the usual commercial channels are poorly designed, crudely made, and did not meet our own personal standards as professional musicians. The sole exception to this generalization are the intelligently designed and excellently crafted wind chimes made in the United States by Music of the Spheres in Austin, Texas. These are the only wind chimes we have found that are real musical instruments and not pseudo-musical toys. We ordered a quintet of their chimes for our own use and were so impressed with the truly musical quality of these instruments that we have decided to offer them to our own customers as well.

Music of the Spheres wind chimes were designed by the late Larry Roark, a professional musician as well as a superb craftsman. Each instrument is carefully made, voiced, and tuned to a'=440 Hz. There are five different standard sizes (soprano, mezzo-soprano, alto, tenor, and bass) and each size is available in ten different hexatonic (six-note) tunings: Pentatonic, Quartal, Chinese, Mongolian, Aquarian, Gypsy, Hawaiian, Balinese, Japanese, and Whole-Tone. In additional to these fifty models, there are three additional specialized models: jumbo-sized six-note contrabass and basso profundo models, each available only in quartal tuning, and a four-note Westminster chime tuned to the notes of the Big Ben tower clock in the British Houses of Parliament building in London.

Thanks to the ingenious design and the careful voicing and tuning, these wind chimes can function not just individually but also in matched sets or consorts. The most obvious combinations are mixtures of different sizes in the same tuning; in fact, we have a full set of all five sizes in the whole-tone tuning currently hanging from our second floor balcony. However, it is also possible to create even more complex ensembles by mixing the same sizes in different tunings, or different sizes and different tunings, for that matter. The mixed tuning combinations that we have found to work best together and complement each other are Pentatonic and Hawaiian, Mongolian and Aquarian, and Chinese, Japanese, and Balinese. The Contrabass and Basso Profundo models, with their quartal tunings, will blend nicely with any of the ten tunings of the smaller models. 07/04/2013.

Elody Update: Mollenhauer has just informed us that, in addition to the three standard models of their new Elody Recorder (Space, Dark, Lovely), they have also made a very limited number of nine Special Edition models. Some of these models are more conservative in color and design than the three standard production models and might well appeal to those players with more traditional tastes in recorders. Customers interested in having one of the Special Edition models should contact us immediately in order to insure availability. new 04/12/2013.

Mollenhauer has also released an English translation of the original German article in their house magazine Windkanal relating the history and development of the Elody recorder during the past four years. The English translation is unfortunately a bit rough, but it will provide at least some insight into the evolution of the Elody recorder. Those fluent in German, however, may wish to read the original German version of this article. new 04/12/2013.

After the large number of new models released by the Mollenhauer workshop in the course of 2012, we were not expecting a significantly large number of new items for 2013. However, there have actually been several noteworthy new instruments introduced at this year's Musikmesse in Frankfurt. A welcome addition to last year's excellent hand-made "professional" soprano, alto, and tenor Dream Recorders in plumwood with maple rings, which have proven to be vastly superior to the standard pearwood models, is a matching new plumwood bass recorder. The excellent grenadilla Dream alto has unfortunately been discontinued, but we still have one left in stock.

A second very interesting if somewhat specialized new model is the Modern Alto Recorder in g', available in pearwood and grenadilla, but apparently not (or at least not yet) in palisander. These instruments will be available at the same prices as the corresponding models of Modern Alto Recorder in f'. Performance practice tip: we recommend the G altos in grenadilla for players having to play the 4th Brandenburg Concerto with loud modern string instruments. Simply use the recorder parts from the F major harpsichord version of the 4th Brandenburg (BWV 1057) and play the G altos with standard F fingerings. This will make life a great deal easier for beleaguered recorder players.

Mollenhauer has rightfully earned a reputation as the most innovative of 21st century recorder makers, but perhaps the most innovative instrument ever produced by this German firm is the new Elody Electric Recorder, an instrument which is an outgrowth and further development of their well-established Modern and Helder Harmonic alto recorders. The Elody instruments have an electronic pickup integrated into the headjoint, which can be easily attached by a cable to an amplifier, signal processor, or synthesizer. Clearly intended for professional studio musicians and public performers of rock, pop, jazz, and other alternative musical styles, this instrument allows the recorder to compete with the entire spectrum of other modern musical instruments, although it has a substantial sound when played acoustically by itself. The external profile is flattened rather than round, and the external surfaces feature contemporary lacquered airbrush patterns inspired by rock guitar design and meant to appeal to non-traditional modern tastes. The very pink "Lovely" model is clearly intended to appeal to women musicians -- or at least those whose tastes run to pink guitars and saxophones. new 04/01/2013.

Two years ago, Antique Sound Workshop accepted Stephen Blezinger's invitation to be the sole American agent for his excellent, yet reasonably-priced Bressan by Blezinger baroque alto recorders. These outstanding instruments, made in either stained Brazilian boxwood or grenadilla, are available at prices that are less than half those of his other handmade baroque reproduction recorders. Shortly thereafter, the altos were complemented by matching soprano recorders, which have proven to be equally successful.

The great success of the Bressan instruments has convinced Mr. Blezinger to produce a matching Bressan solo baroque tenor recorder. This newest instrument, available only as a keyless model in Brazilian boxwood, will first be available by the beginning of December 2012 at a special introductory price of $1,319 which will be valid for all orders received by the end of this year. This new tenor is unusually light in weight, has a very full sound in the middle and low registers, and is easy to hold and finger. We expect a huge demand for this new model and urge our customers to place their orders as soon as possible to lock-in the special introductory price and insure timely delivery. new 11/08/2012.

The German workshop of Conrad Mollenhauer has announced a significant number of design changes and new models for 2012:

1. The Mollenhauer-Breukink Dream Recorder series has been supplemented by three additional new premium models: a soprano, alto, and tenor made of plumwood with maple rings. These new professional models will be priced significantly higher than the original models made of pearwood and promise improved performance as well. These new models are now in stock for immediate delivery.

2. The ten-year cooperation with the estate of the late Australian recorder maker Fred Morgan has apparently come to an end. The "Mollenhauer & Morgan Denner" alto recorders are gradually being replaced in the course of 2012 by newly-designed models named simply Mollenhauer "Denner" recorders, although the order numbers will remain unchanged. We strongly urge our customers to purchase the Mollenhauer-Morgan models while they are still available. The handmade baroque reproduction "Morgan-Edition" recorders at a'=440 Hz. and a'=415 Hz. are also being totally redesigned and re-branded as Mollenhauer "Denner-Edition" instruments; the new models will be available beginning in September of 2012. The handsome coffee table book "Recorders Based on Historical Models" incorporating the writings of Fred Morgan has also regrettably been discontinued.

3. Two new, budget-priced Mollenhauer Denner alto recorders at low pitch a'=415 Hz. in a choice of pearwood or Castello boxwood have been introduced. These new models are named "Denner-Line" recorders and should not be confused with their renamed "Denner" and "Denner-Edition" instruments. There have not been any inexpensive low-pitch recorders available since the short-lived Fehr and Moeck Rottenburgh models in the early 1970s, and we are experiencing a brisk demand for these new instruments, which are now in stock for immediate delivery.

4. The Mollenhauer Denner bass recorder will also have a redesigned bocal blow cap to improve performance. As before, the cap may be removed for direct-blow playing.

5. Grenadilla will be substituted for the ebony previously used in the Mollenhauer Modern alto recorder and Mollenhauer Dream alto recorder models. Brazilian Castello boxwood will be substituted for the Venezuelan boxwood, also known as Zapatero or Maracaibo, used in the Mollenhauer Denner series sopranino, soprano, alto, and tenor recorders and the Mollenhauer Denner-Edition handmade baroque reproduction recorders.

Without a doubt, the finest and easiest-playing baroque reproduction recorders we have been able to offer our customers for the past decade or so are the outstanding custom-made instruments from Germany by Stephen Blezinger. The only problem to date has been the extremely high price of these instruments, which placed them well beyond the means of many players. We are therefore thrilled to announce that Mr. Blezinger will produce for the first time in 2010 two all-new budget-priced baroque recorder models after P. I. Bressan, a soprano and an alto at a'=440 Hz., each instrument available in a choice of either stained Brazilian boxwood or grenadilla. These remarkable instruments have a rich, full middle and low register complemented by a unique ringing quality in the upper register. They are ideally suited to the performance of late baroque solo and trio sonata repertoire.

Antique Sound Workshop has accepted Mr. Blezinger's kind invitation to be the sole American agent for these excellent, yet reasonably-priced recorders. We are offering these amazing instruments, which play as easily as a well-designed modern recorder, at prices that are less than half those of his other baroque reproduction recorders. We now have a few boxwood altos in stock for immediate delivery, and we hope to have additional grenadilla instruments available soon. The matching Bressan sopranos will follow in August, and we are currently accepting preorders for them. new 7/03/2010.

The Mollenhauer workshop in Germany has posted slight price increases on most of their recorder effective April, 2010. However, prices for their Mollenhauer-Morgan Denner reproduction baroque recorders and Helder Harmonic recorders will remain the same as in 2009. The Denner reproduction baroque recorders in both a'=440 Hz. and a'=415 Hz. in European boxwood have been discontinued and replaced by new grenadilla wood instruments at the same prices. new 4/01/2010.

New in our inventory for 2010 from the Mollenhauer workshop is a unique series of Waldorf-Design instruments, consisting of pentatonic flutes in d'', pentatonic soprano and tenor recorders, and a quartet of full-range SATB neo-renaissance wide-bore recorders, which was developed by Mollenhauer specifically for use in Waldorf School music programs. However, the full-range models are also extremely useful to early music performers wanting suitable ensemble instruments with renaissance tonal properties that use standard modern fingering, and have the wide range and ease of playing characteristic of modern recorders. new 1/15/2010.

The Huber Model II soprano recorder has for a good many years been our most highly recommended and best-selling entry-level soprano recorder. We are delighted to announce that this superb instrument will be available beginning in February 2010 in a choice of cherrywood or plumwood in addition to the original 1/12/2010.

New for the year 2010 from the Küng workshop in Switzerland is a sopranino recorder in their Model III Superio series, available in a choice of either pearwood or grenadilla. Also optionally available for the tenor recorders in their Model I Studio series and Model III Superio series are separately available keys for the left hand ring finger and right hand index finger, as well as an adjustable metal thumbrest similar to that which is standard on their Model III bass 1/01/2010.

For the first time in many years, the renowned H. C. Fehr workshop in Switzerland has reintroduced and expanded two entire series of instruments that have been unavailable in recent years: the newly-redesigned Model V baroque alto recorders, which feature highly curved, conical windways and produce a more complex, overtone-rich tone quality that is ideal for the performance of late baroque solo and ensemble music of the early eighteenth century, are once again being produced and in a much wider choice of domestic and tropical hardwoods than previously. Furthermore, the excellent Stanesby low-pitch baroque reproduction alto recorders that have been unavailable for a number of years are now once again being made in the same three wood choices as before. Effective July 1st, we are happy to be able to offer substantially lower prices on many models of Fehr recorders, due to both price reductions by the maker and a somewhat improved exchange rate for 2009. new 7/01/2009.

After several lackluster years of virtually no new model introductions, the Conrad Mollenhauer workshop in Germany has announced a bumper crop of new and greatly welcome recorder models for 2009. The tenor recorders in the Canta (both straight and bentneck keyed models) and Denner (keyed models only) series are now also available with additional keys for the left ring and right index fingers, making them much more easy to manage for manually-challenged players. These new instruments will nicely fill the void left by the multiple-key models that were previously available from the now-defunct Roessler and Adler-Heinrich workshops. new 4/01/2009.

Perhaps even more exciting are the two new long-awaited greatbass models available from the Mollenhauer workshop: a bentneck model in the Canta series, available in April, and a straight bocal-blow model in the Denner series, which will be available after June of this year. new 4/01/2009.

And now for the bad news: the inexpensive Ninjo soprano recorder, which has been available for the past three years and provided superb performance for a bargain price, is being discontinued effective immediately. Apparently it is no longer possible for the firm to offer a high-quality student soprano at such a low price point. As a substitute, Mollenhauer is providing a newly-redesigned Student model soprano, but it will be appreciably more expensive. We have a limited number of Ninjo sopranos left in stock and are closing these out at a special price of $68.00.

New for 2009 are two Yamaha Electronic Digital Metronomes which offer unique size and appearance as well as complementary functions to their popular model ME-150BK pocket-sized metronome. The new ME-120BK is essentially a digital wristwatch incorporating both sport watch functions such as stop watch, timer, and pace/calorie information and advanced metronomic functions such as beat division and metric accents, plus a unique optional vibration mode that transmits the pulse to the wrist -- all at the same price as the older ME-150BK! The other new model is the ME-D1, a handsome tabletop cube metronome well suited for group use, featuring a double LED display for wide visibility, a 360º tempo dial, and adjustable amplified volume level. We are currently offering a 30% discount on all Yamaha tuners and metronomes. new 1/15/2009.

For those players who enjoy an occasional change from early music repertoire during the holidays, Hal Leonard has just issued a huge anthology, entitled "The Real Christmas Book", which offers 150 jazz arrangements of traditional Christmas carols and holiday season pop tunes. Some melodies are suited to the range of soprano/tenor recorders, others are best for alto recorder, and some may be played by either. Lyrics are included, and jazz chord symbols are provided for accompanying instruments. This 216-page fake book, which sells for only $25.00, is the ultimate collection of Christmas music and should provide hours of fun for the holiday 11/10/2008.

And speaking of fake books, we now offer the entire collection entitled The Real Book from Hal Leonard as well. These three-volume sets offer virtually the entire core repertoire of jazz standards in a convenient spiral-bound format featuring the melodies and chord changes for over 400 songs. Just recently, Hal Leonard has released a 12-CD set of jazz combo accompaniments as The Real Book Play-Along. These invaluable books and recordings are a veritable treasure trove of source materials for jazz professionals and amateur players 11/10/2008.

One of the handiest and most useful practice aids we have seen in some time is the new Via Handgrip, an inexpensive, pocket-sized, comfortable, and easy-to-use spring-loaded hand exerciser that allows players of all musical instruments and every ability level from beginner to professional to strengthen their thumbs and fingers both together and individually. Two models are available: a light (four pound) tension model, suitable for beginning players or those with arthritis or other manual dexterity problems, and a medium (six pound) tension model useful for advanced players with well-developed playing techniques. It can be used in a variety of situations, such as when travelling, to maintain technique and manual dexterity when an instrument is not 11/01/2008.

Our colleagues at the Kelischek Workshop have announced a number of new and renewed woodwind instrument models for 2008. Their inexpensive plastic crumhorns and Kelhorns are once again available after an absence of many years and are equipped with newly-designed and substantially improved double reeds. A new plastic soprano gemshorn is also now available. Finally, the rosewood miniature ocarinas in C discontinued some years ago are once again available, and new models in G and F have been developed as well. All of these instruments, as custom serviced in our workshop, provide excellent service at a very attractive 01/18/2008.

A number of new editions are available from the Susato Press division of the Kelischek Workshop as well. Greatly welcome are a number of new publications of ensemble music where each of the individual parts fits within the range of a ninth, making them highly suitable for such instruments as ocarinas, gemshorns, renaissance windcap instruments, and also for beginning recorder 01/18/2008.

Huber Model II alto and tenor recorders, which have been available for the past year with curved, more highly conical windways at no additional charge, are once again being made only with straight windways. However, the new straight windway models have the same conicity, sound quality, and resistance as the previous curved ones. The curved windway models are now available as Model III instruments and at appreciably higher 01/18/2008.

Thanks to a change in suppliers, we have been able to obtain appreciably lower pricing on all models of Yamaha plastic and wooden recorders and are passing those savings along to our customers. Prices on our custom-tuned Yamaha plastic recorders have been rolled back effective immediately to the lower prices that were in effect prior to July of 2005. After a lapse of two years, we are once again stocking the entire series of Yamaha wooden recorders. Please note that the older Yamaha 80 series baroque alto recorder models have been replaced by a newer 800 series, and two new models of sopranino recorders are in that series as well. To celebrate this welcome turn of events, we are offering for a limited time only a substantial discount of 30% from Yamaha's suggested list prices on all of their wooden recorder models, making them excellent bargains as well. These sale prices will be in effect only as long as our current inventory permits; we suggest that our customers act quickly to obtain these fine instruments at our special sale prices. new 08/01/2007.

The Swiss workshop of Gerhard Huber has announced modest price increases for 2007 on their Model II and Model III recorders, except for their superb bass recorders, which remain at the 2006 prices. The Model III soprano and alto recorders are now also available in European boxwood; in addition, the pearwood models, which were discontinued several years ago, have been reinstated in the Model III series. The number of wood choices for the Model III sopranino has been reduced to just bubinga and palisander. The olivewood and violetwood models have been discontinued, and availability is limited to the few remaining instruments that we presently have in stock. The grenadilla model is also discontinued, we have sold out of our last instruments, and it is regrettably no longer available. new 07/01/2007.

News from the Mollenhauer workshop for 2007 is unfortunately rather disappointing: the only new instrument announced for this year is a revision of the Kynsecker renaissance greatbass recorder; the Denner bass recorder in boxwood has been once again discontinued, leaving only the pearwood model. The long-awaited revision of the Ganassi alto and a much-needed budget greatbass for the Canta series are still not forthcoming.

Although not totally unexpected, Mollenhauer has also posted substantial price increases on virtually all models effective as of April 1st. After several years of substantial design improvements and very modest price increases, which made Mollenhauer instruments extremely attractive in relation to those from other makers, they have announced price increments ranging from about 5% to over 20%. We urge all customers anticipating the purchase of Mollenhauer instruments to do so during the remainder of March at the old 2006 prices. new 03/22/2007.

A new and innovative series of play-along sheet music plus CD publications from Dowani International offers a significant advance for recorder players wanting to practice and perform with the guidance of recordings. Each album features four performances: three practice performances at slow, medium, and final tempos feature the keyboard or orchestral accompaniment with the solo part played quietly in the background for guidance, and a finished performance with solo recorder and keyboard or orchestral accompaniment.

There are presently seventeen titles available for recorder players: two albums of easy pieces for beginners, featuring mostly renaissance and baroque dance tunes; complete concertos by Sammartini and Vivaldi for solo recorder and string orchestra; a dozen well-chosen baroque solo sonatas by German, French, and Italian composers for either soprano or alto recorder and keyboard; and a Telemann trio sonata for two alto recorders and continuo. These publications provide an easy and enjoyable way to learn and perform major solo works from the recorder's vast solo and ensemble repertoire. new 11/15/2006.

The electronics industry has finally come up with the ultimate tuner for early music performers. The new Korg OT-120 electronic tuner is the long-awaited successor to the long-since discontinued, useful, but bulky and pricy Korg MT-1200 multi-temperament tuner. It offers astonishing functionality and flexibility and a host of useful features: eight different mediæval, renaissance, and baroque temperaments as well as equal temperament, a wide tuning range of a'=349 to 499 in 1 Hz. increments, three selectable response speeds, an eight-octave sensing range and five-octave matching pitch generation range using proprietary Sound Back™ technology, and a rated battery life of 100 hours on two AAA cells, all in an extremely compact package which costs a mere fraction of its predecessor. This is the tuner for which we have all been waiting for years. No serious early music player should be without one of these highly affordable devices. new 10/10/2006.

We have posted a new price list for the outstanding historical percussion instruments made by Leberecht Fischer in Germany; some prices have increased, others decreased, and many are the same as before. There has been a number of new instruments added to their catalogue: the three original sizes (10"/13"/16") of single-headed side drums have been supplemented by three additional models in 12", 14", and 18" sizes. The original small hand tabor (4.5" x 12") now has a new companion larger tabor in 10" x 10" size. Their baroque timpani are available on special order in five different sizes and pitch ranges, each with a choice of six different heads in a variety of materials. new 07/10/2006.

The Conrad Mollenhauer workshop has announced two new additions to their catalogue for 2006: first, an innovative and extremely inexpensive wooden soprano recorder for entry-level players, named the Ninjo and made of oiled pearwood, which will provide all of the tonal advantages of a wooden instrument at a price that is very little more than that of a good quality plastic instrument. Second, a reproduction baroque alto recorder at low pitch, designed after the celebrated Copenhagen Denner instrument by the late Australian recorder maker Fred Morgan. Whereas the modern pitch version of this instrument, originally designed by Morgan for Michala Petri, has been available for several years in a choice of either Zapatero or European boxwood, the new Denner low pitch instrument will be available only in European boxwood and at the same price as the modern pitch version. new 04/07/2006.

New from Schott is an excellent two-volume recorder method Advanced Recorder Technique - The Art of Playing the Recorder, written by German recorder teacher Gudrun Heyens and published in an excellent English translation by Peter Bowman. This publication is recommended only to those players who aspire to the highest technical and musical levels of achievement. The demanding technical studies in the first volume enable the player to achieve a virtuoso level of proficiency on the instrument, and the second volume explores the interface between the physical aspects of breathing and tone production and the musical issues of phrasing, vibrato, and interpretation. new 11/17/2005.

We have just added a superb new library of recorder music from Editio Musica Budapest to our sheet music catalogue. These are for the most part editions of baroque music for one or two recorders, with and without continuo, the majority of which have never before been available in modern performing editions. The sturdy and handsome covers, paper, printing, editing, and performance notes are of outstandingly high quality and set a new standard to which all other publishers should aspire. Of particular interest is A Baroque Ornamentation Tutor by János Bali, the preeminent Hungarian recorder player, teacher, and scholar. This important work is a singularly invaluable aid for intermediate and advanced recorder players wishing a concise yet thorough introduction to 17th and 18th century performance practice; it should be in the library of every serious recorder player. new 09/01/2005.

At long last the Duschenes Method for Recorder, Vol. 1, for alto recorder is now alternatively available with a companion CD recording, such as has been available for several years for the soprano volume. The order number is DER1001CD and the price is $17.95. We don't wish to seem ungrateful, but if only we could persuade the publisher to bring out a recording for the first volume of the Orr Basic Recorder Technique for alto recorder similar to that already provided for the soprano volume, we would be even more overjoyed. new 07/26/05.

The Mollenhauer workshop is adding two new instruments to their offerings for 2005, both of which address the long-expressed wishes of our customers. First, a bentneck Dream Bass Recorder will be available in the Dream series of wide bore neo-renaissance recorders, making possible a complete SATB quartet of instruments. Second, a Modern Soprano Recorder will be produced to complement the original alto recorder which has been available for a number of years. The soprano will have a triple key mechanism, similar to the one on the triple-keyed version of the alto released last year. The soprano will have a low range down an additional halftone to b', and will have the same extended high range as the alto of over two and a half octaves. These instruments will be available for delivery in the next six to eight weeks, and we are now accepting preorders for them. new 04/13/05.

In recent years, we have offered to our customers several models of intelligently-designed, well-made desktop and floor-standing music stands from König & Meyer in Germany. We are now adding several further accessories for the floor stands, including a felt-lined small instrument/accessory tray and a battery-operated stand light with AC adapter and nylon carrying case. We also now offer two ingenious pocket-sized stands for soprano and alto recorders, as well as a unique modular folding recorder stand system designed to our specifications that offers one- and four-instrument bases plus seven different pegs that will accommodate all recorder sizes from piccolo to greatbass. These stands fulfill to perfection a recorder player's need for stands that are lightweight, compact, stable, and will hold instruments upright and within easy reach during rehearsals and performances. new 03/16/05.

For over thirty years we have diligently educated our customers to the danger of damage to their valuable hardwood recorders and other historical instruments by low ambient humidity conditions. In fact, we have for years provided without charge a small case humidifier to alleviate low humidity conditions and avoid dehydration damage. Until now, however, we have had no easy way of helping our customers monitor accurately the humidity levels in their instrument cases and music rooms. Hygrometers able to provide accurate information were both expensive and too bulky to be useful in most situations.

We are therefore thrilled to announce that, thanks to recent progress in electronics miniaturization, we have found an excellent German-designed Digital Hygrometer-Thermometer that is small (2.5" x 1.6" x .5"), light in weight (1 oz.), easy to read, and extremely accurate. In addition to displaying current temperature and relative humidity levels, it has a memory function that stores the highest and lowest temperature and humidity readings. Effective immediately, we are including one of these meters without charge with the purchase of a Jakob Winter deluxe fitted quadruple or quintuple recorder case. They are also available separately and, at the bargain price of $19.95, they should be acquired and used by all customers concerned about the possibility of dehydration damage to their valuable musical instruments. new 03/09/05.

We have just learned, quite unexpectedly, that the Mollenhauer Denner series soprano and alto recorders in tulipwood are once again available after a two-year lapse due to lack of availability of this unusually beautiful wood from the Dalbergia rosewood family. We are even furthermore delighted to see that Mollenhauer has adopted the practice of our four Swiss suppliers in making these, as well as all of their other exotic hardwood instruments, from one continuous piece of wood, insuring uniformity of color, grain pattern, and tonal properties. new 12/14/04.

Antique Sound Workshop has been selected as the sole American agent for the all-new MARSYAS recorders from Switzerland. We are proud to be able to offer these wholly unique, premium quality recorders to our customers for the first time. These instruments are being made in the four standard sizes, soprano through bass; each size is available in a choice of up to seven different woods. Since production is relatively limited because of the large amount of handwork, it will take some time before we will have sufficient quantities of all models and woods in stock. We can fill orders more quickly if customers will specify a second and third choice of wood, in case their first preference is not currently available. However, we are always happy to accept backorders for instruments not in stock. new 10/19/04.

We have been able to achieve modest price reductions on all H. C. Fehr Model III and IV tenor recorders effective immediately. This is due to the fact that, previously, Fehr charged us additionally for the soft cases for their tenor recorders, although the cases were included in the price of their soprano and alto instruments. By including tenor cases with the instruments at no additional charge, our total cost has been reduced; we are happy to pass this saving along to our customers. new 10/18/04.

After last year's many interesting product introductions from the Conrad Mollenhauer workshop, the only new items for 2004 are a plastic version of the Dream Soprano Recorder and a three-keyed version of the Modern Alto Recorder which extends the range a half step lower to e'. The pearwood Modern Alto models will in future be provided with hard cases such as have been delivered for the past several years with the palisander and ebony models; this should help to avoid damage to the keywork mechanism, which has been an on-going problem with these instruments. Discontinued instruments for 2004 are the Denner soprano and alto recorders in tulipwood and the Denner bass recorder in boxwood; remaining qualities of these instruments are listed in Carlton's Clearance Corner. We are able to offer new, somewhat lower prices on the entire series of Kynsecker Renaissance Recorders and their excellent Grenser Baroque Flutes. new 04/28/04.

The Adler-Heinrich workshop has introduced as its major innovation for 2004 a new series of Gahn Baroque Recorders which are a further development and outgrowth of the J. B. Gahn Reproduction Baroque Recorders introduced last year. These new baroque recorders, which feature curved windways and undercut toneholes, have a handsome exterior form hand-turned by master craftsmen. They produce a complex, sweet, overtone-rich baroque sound quality but are fuller in volume and appreciably easier to play than the original reproduction instruments. They are intended as authentic baroque solo instruments for upper intermediate and advanced players and will be available in soprano and alto sizes, each in a choice of five different domestic and exotic tropical woods. We are now accepting advance orders for delivery in the coming months. The prices of the original reproduction models have also been substantially reduced from last 04/27/04.

Those recorder players who have enjoyed our Music Minus One series of sheet music plus CD recording catalogue will be pleased to hear that we have just added a similar series of ten titles for solo soprano/tenor or alto recorder published by Holzschuh. Each edition includes the solo sheet music part plus a CD recording containing both the solo part and the keyboard accompaniment. The music is largely late baroque solo repertoire, including music of Corelli, Fischer, and the well-known sonatas of Handel, and Telemann, but music of early 17th century Italian composers such as Frescobaldi and Cima are also represented, as is the music of contemporary German composer Hans Poser. new 03/17/04.

We now have in stock the superb Faber edition of the complete Handel Recorder Sonatas as edited by David Lasocki and Walter Bergman. This is the most authentic and authoritative edition available of these staple works of the late baroque solo recorder repertoire. The keyboard realization of the continuo part is extremely well written, and a separate book of parts for a bass instrument is included as well. An exhaustive critical report and list of concordances as well as alternative versions are included. At the bargain price of $23.95, every recorder player should have this item in his or her library. Order number is 0-571-50566-X. new 01/23/04.

For decades, one of the staples of recorder literature for intermediate and advanced players has been the Anthony Rowland-Jones book Recorder Technique, which was first published in 1959 by Oxford University Press as one of a series of books on wind instrument technique. Although a valuable resource for over forty years, some of the information had become increasingly dated as a result of improvements in instrument design and production, the understanding of historical performance practice, recorder pedagogy, and the general level of playing ability.

We are therefore happy to announce that a new, extensively revised third edition of Recorder Technique has just been released by Peacock Press. It is closely integrated with the companion book by AR-J Practice Book for the Treble Recorder, the new second edition of which is also now available. Recorder Technique is available for $28.00 under the order number ARJ0001-01, the Practice Book for $18.00 under order number ARJ0001-02, and a package of both volumes is offered at a reduced price of $42.00 as order number ARJ0001. Both of these valuable books should be in the library of every serious recorder player. new 12/01/03.

The newest instrument from the Adler-Heinrich workshop is their first baroque reproduction recorder, a copy of an original 18th century instrument by J. B. Gahn. Unlike some so-called "reproduction" instruments from other makers which have been heavily modernized in their voicing, the Gahn copy is a true baroque recorder with a quiet, gentle, yet overtone-rich tone quality. The slim exterior profile reflects both the interior bore proportions and the tonal quality. It is available either as a G alto at 415 Hz., as per the original instrument, or as an F alto at 440 Hz., both of these being available in a choice of pearwood or boxwood. new 10/29/03.

London Pro Musica has just released a new edition of the complete pieces for solo recorder Der Fluyten Lust-hof by the early 17th century Dutch composer Jacob van Eyck. This authoritative edition includes a total of 134 pieces and is published in three volumes plus a companion commentary volume. The latter also includes harmonized settings of some of the van Eyck pieces taken from other period sources. Each of the four volumes is available for $12.00 each, but the entire set is offered at a bargain price of $29.50. The order number is DOL0125. For those who do not need the entire edition, twenty of the most popular pieces are available under the number DOL0506 for $9.00. new 07/02/03.

After several years of only minor changes to their model offerings, the Mollenhauer workshop has announced a substantial number of additions, deletions, and modifications for 2003. In the hybrid plastic/wood PRIMA series, the alto is available with a beige plastic headjoint in addition to the original teal color. In the Canta student series, the keyless and keyed tenor instruments are now available as bentneck models in addition to the original straight models; the bentneck tenors, unlike the rest of this series, are equipped with fitted hard cases at no additional cost. In the Dream series of neo-renaissance recorders, the alto is now being made in ebony as well as pearwood, and a long-awaited keyed-tenor model in pearwood is also now available. All of the foregoing instruments are now in stock for immediate delivery. new 06/04/03.

And now for the bad news: in the Mollenhauer mid-priced Denner series, the popular soprano and alto instruments in tulipwood have unfortunately been discontinued; we are sold out of the altos but still have a few sopranos available. The wonderful and relatively inexpensive Denner TD baroque recorders have been regrettably discontinued and are apparently being replaced by a more expensive "Morgan Edition" baroque alto in stained Zapatero boxwood with thread-lapped joints and bushed thumbhole, based on a scaling to a'=440 Hz. modern pitch of the Copenhagen museum Denner alto by the late Australian maker Fred Morgan. Lastly, the one-piece model of the Ganassi alto in g' has been discontinued; only the two-piece model will be available in the future. We have only a very limited number of Denner TD and one-piece Ganassi altos left in stock. new 06/04/03.

London Pro Musica has just released a new edition of the complete original sonatas for recorder by Georg Philipp Telemann. This authoritative edition, handsomely printed, includes a total of nine works, including those from Der getreue Musikmeister, Essercizii Musici, and manuscript sources, and is published as a keyboard score, two part books, and a commentary volume under the order number DOL0124. At the extremely low price of $27.75, this edition belongs in the library of every serious recorder player. new 06/02/03.

The extremely popular Johannes Adler Filius series of student recorders, previously available only in soprano, alto, and tenor models, has been expanded for 2003 both upwards and downwards. There is now a matching sopranino recorder, the least expensive wooden sopranino from any maker by far, and also a bent-neck bass recorder as well. We fully expect that these new models will be every bit as popular as the middle sizes among entry-level players seeking an inexpensive, yet serviceable set of wooden recorders. new 03/19/03.

We are thrilled to announce that the H. C. Fehr workshop has acceded to our long-standing wishes and agreed to produce a limited number of hardwood soprano and alto recorders to the original Fehr designs which were discontinued about ten years ago. The classic Fehr Model II and III Recorders had a plainer, clearer, solid tone quality and a fuller middle and low register than the newer Fehr Model III and Fehr Model IV instruments, which are more complex but less robust in tone. Many customers have expressed a preference for the playing qualities of the original instruments, and we are pleased to be able to offer them once again after a lapse of ten years. We will have a few Model III sopranos in boxwood and palisander as well as Model III altos in boxwood and tulipwood available for sale shortly. new 02/25/03.

Further welcome news from the H. C. Fehr workshop: the Fehr Model IV alto recorder in palisander is once again available after a lapse of more than two years. The reason for the hiatus of this particular model, as Herr Masucci explained to me on the occasion of my last visit, was quite simply that they could not obtain palisander rosewood of sufficient quality to meet their very high standards; they elected not to make this model until such time as they could once again obtain suitable palisander. That speaks volumes about the exacting standards of this outstanding Swiss maker. new 03/05/03.

The Adler-Heinrich workshop in Germany has, in accordance with our suggestions and the expressed wishes of our customers, expanded their extremely successful series of Chalumeaux with a number of new models for 2003. First, a new, inexpensive, one-piece non-overblowing model is available in maple (keyless), and in cocuswood or ebony (two keys); second, their highly popular two-belled, two keyed soprano chalumeau is now available in an alternate model with one bell and three keys. Last and most certainly not least, a three-keyed alto chalumeau is making its debut in a choice of pearwood, boxwood, or grenadilla. new 02/08/03.

We are happy to announce that, for the first time in more than a year, we actually have a few of the limited-production Gerhard Huber Bass Recorders in stock for immediate delivery. These superb instruments, the finest basses currently being made, are extremely difficult to obtain; we almost always have to back-order them for our customers. We expect that our present modest stock will be quickly exhausted and we will be back-ordered again for future delivery. new 01/31/03.

The only new instrument for 2003 from the Küng Workshop in Switzerland is their long-awaited Model III Superio Greatbass Recorder, a splendid addition to the best-selling soprano through bass instruments in that series. This unique, innovative recorder, the only direct-blow greatbass currently available from any maker, is an impressive floor-standing instrument; it is made of dark-stained maple, has extensive keywork, and an undulating exterior headjoint design reminiscent of the Kynsecker instruments in the Nürnberg museum collection. It has an extremely robust, overtone-rich sound, and an extraordinarily wide range as well. The first instruments will be delivered in April of 2003, and we are now accepting advance orders for future delivery. We fully expect that the initial demand will be substantial, as many customers have already expressed an interest in such an instrument; we do not expect to have them available from stock for some time to come. We advise our customers to get their orders in as soon as possible in order to secure a place on the waiting list All orders will be filled in the order they are 01/03/03..

At long last, we are thrilled to relate that the Canadian publisher of the Orr recorder method has responded to our wishes. The first volume of the Hugh Orr "Basic Recorder Technique" for soprano recorder is now available with a companion CD recording, similar to that released for the Duschenes method several years ago. The cost of the Orr Vol. 1 for soprano method book remains $9.95, the cost of the method plus CD is only $14.95, and the cost of the CD alone is $11.95. Buying the CD along with the method affords a saving of $6.95. new 08/12/02.

We are closing out at wholesale cost the few remaining recorders that we have left in stock from the former Heinz Rössler workshop in Germany. We have sold these instruments since 1976 and regret greatly that they will no longer be available to our customers. If a model is not listed, we no longer have it. We cannot hold these sale instruments or accept layaways on these items. All instruments are custom-serviced in our workshop and carry the same ASW lifetime warranty as full-priced instruments. Please act quickly, as quantities are extremely limited. new 07/13/02.

After having been regrettably out of print for many years, Edgar Hunt's charming and informative book The Recorder and Its Music has been reprinted in a paperback edition. There have been a few very modest additions to the text and photographs by the author, who at this date is in his mid-nineties, but the substance of this book remains largely that of the second edition published in 1976. While some of the information, particularly that regarding 20th century recorders and recorder makers, is extremely dated and must be regarded as historical at this point in time, the book remains one of the most useful ever written on its subject and preserves the opinions and experiences of one of the most noted English amateur recorder performers and teachers of the mid-twentieth century. new 07/05/02.

We have just been advised that the Küng Workshop in Switzerland will produce a very limited number of their Model III soprano and alto recorders in tulipwood and olivewood and tenor recorders in olivewood in a special one-time series. They will be available for only a brief period of time. We are obtaining as many of these instruments as possible, as we anticipate that the demand for them will be very great and the available supply quickly sold out. They will never again be available in these two extremely handsome and rare woods. We will fill all orders strictly as they are received. new 03/22/02.

We have posted new 2002 prices for the Swiss-made recorders from the Huber workshop. We regret that, due to a earlier misunderstanding with Huber in regard to pricing, we have had to post moderate price increases on most models, with the exception of their bass recorders, which remain available at the prices posted last summer. There have been only two additions for 2002: the Model III tenor recorder is now also available in bubinga, in addition to the previously available cherrywood, palisander, and rio-palisander; and the Model IV baroque alto is once again available in a low pitch model, but in plumwood. The Egyptian recorders are no longer available in 4,500 year-old oak, as the original limited supply of this extremely rare wood has been exhausted. These unique instruments are still available in both soprano and alto sizes in plumwood, however. new 02/22/02.

We have just introduced new 2002 price lists for instruments from the Adler-Heinrich workshop. In taking into account price changes from the maker as well as the improvement in the exchange rate, we find that some models, mostly the maple and pearwood instruments, are slightly less expensive than last year, whereas the boxwood and palisander instruments are appreciably more expensive. We have been able to achieve considerable price reductions on their student series instruments, including the extremely popular Filius instruments, which offer reduced stretch for smaller hands. Two series have been completely discontinued: the Adler Barockmeister instruments in maple, and the Adler-Heinrich Arte instruments in maple. All single-keyed tenors in the Adler Barockmeister, Heinrich Meister, and Adler-Heinrich Arte series have also been discontinued; these tenor models are now available only with double c'-c#' keys. All of the remaining instruments we have in stock of these discontinued models have been listed at closeout prices in Carlton's Clearance Corner. new 02/22/02.

New 2002 prices for Küng recorders went into effect on February 1. When combined with the substantial improvement in the dollar vs. Swiss franc exchange rate and increased price concessions for our customers granted by this maker, the end results were highly surprising. While modest price reductions were achieved on many models, there were also drastic reductions on others and, unfortunately, substantial increases on a few other models. For example, the excellent baroque reproduction sopranino and alto recorders in their Model IV series as well as the Model II bass and contrabass recorders are now appreciably less expensive, whereas the Model II greatbasses have increased substantially in price. updated 02/01/02.

The only new Küng model for 2002 is a bent-neck version of their Model I keyless tenor recorder, which will be available only in pearwood at present. We are sorry to report this maker's continuing phaseout of their previously extensive Model II series, which are still greatly popular with many players. The piccolo and sopranino recorders in palisander and olivewood are no longer being made, nor are the tenors in maple or pearwood or the basses in iroko available any longer. The few remaining samples of these models that we have left in stock have been listed at closeout prices in Carlton's Clearance Corner. We strongly urge those players who treasure these vintage classical Küng models to get them while they are still available. new 02/01/02.

We have posted the new 2002 prices for Mollenhauer recorders. As expected, there were price increases across the board for most of their models, but this was more than compensated for by the substantial improvement in the dollar vs. Euro exchange rate. Therefore, we were able to achieve slight price reductions on most models. However, we were able to post substantial price reductions on their Modern alto recorder series, the Canta bent-neck bass recorder, and their Grenser copy baroque flutes. The only new item being offered by Mollenhauer for 2002 is the long-awaited Dream alto recorder, which supplements the previously-released soprano recorder in this new series of inexpensive neo-renaissance recorders. The venerable Chorus series has been discontinued, and the few remaining items we have in stock at listed at closeout prices in Carlton's Clearance Corner. new 01/28/02.

The long-awaited delivery of the newly-redesigned Alexander Heinrich Meister Recorders is now finally taking place. Delivery of these instruments has been delayed since last summer because Adler-Heinrich's supplier was unable to provide the cases for them. We expect to receive the first of these instruments in early December. Since we have a large number of backorders for these instruments, it will take a week or so to get all of the backlog serviced and shipped. We thank our customers for their patience and trust that they will find these instruments, which provide great value at a very low price, well worth the wait. new 11/20/01.

We are sorry to report that the delivery time for our hand-crafted Dotzauer professional rotary valve trumpets has become quite protracted during the past year, due to both the increased demand from our customers and the fact that these instruments are made to order by only two craftsmen in the Dotzauer workshop. Previously, we kept only the Bb and C trumpets and flügelhorns regularly in stock and obtained the less common instruments, such as piccolo trumpets, low F orchestral trumpets, and bass trumpets, on special order. However, in order to avoid the long waiting time for such custom items, we are now stocking these less-common instruments as well for immediate delivery. However, it is always advisable to check with us for current availability, as we are occasionally sold out of specific models. new 11/13/01.

As of July 1, 2001, Gerhard Huber and his wife Hélène have officially retired, although they will continue to be "of counsel" and work on special projects. The day-to-day operation of the Huber workshop has been taken over by their son Markus, who has worked there for over six years. All prices have been recalculated and, as per our negotations with the Hubers last March and thanks also to an improvement in the exchange rate, we have been able to achieve substantial price reductions across the board. Several models have been discontinued, including the Model III sopranino, soprano, and alto recorders in pearwood and in tulipwood. Availability of these instruments is therefore limited to those instruments currently in stock. The new limited edition Egyptian recorders represent a wholly different direction in recorder-making and have a fascinating provenance from ancient history. updated 07/23/01.

Effective July 1, 2001, is a new pricelist for Karl Hoffer violas da gamba and J. Dvorak baroque string instruments. Please note that some models have increased slightly in price, whereas others have actually decreased. In particular, prices for the standard tenor gamba are now higher and those for the deluxe tenor gamba are substantially lower. Prices for a trio consort of the deluxe models are also now much lower than in the previous year. New Dvorak student quality baroque violas and cellos have been added to the baroque violin already in our catalogue. new 07/11/01.

The newest instrument from the Adler-Heinrich workshop is a charming wooden pennywhistle or flageolette, which offers excellent performance at a very reasonable price. In addition, there has been a substantial price realignment within the entire Adler-Heinrich catalogue: some models have increased in price, others have decreased, and a number of models have been discontinued. new 06/11/01.

We have just added the latest models of Suzuki Digital Keyboard Instruments to our catalogue. The new Keyman portable digital piano, which also has excellent sampled harpsichord and pipe organ voices, is the perfect solution for the peripatetic early music performer needing an easily moved, stable and trouble-free portable keyboard instrument for renaissance and baroque music. new 05/23/01.

The long-awaited Huber Model III soprano and alto recorders in plumwood and tenor recorders in cherrywood are finally available and are every bit as wonderful as we had expected. They have a sweet, warm, refined, and complex tone quality that lends itself equally well to solo or ensemble playing. They are perfectly complemented by the Huber Model III bass in cherrywood that has been available for several years. We are filling the numerous preorders for these instruments as quickly as possible. new 12/23/00.

Five new publications featuring outstanding arrangements of traditional and popular Christmas music have been released by Arcadian Press well in advance of the upcoming holiday season. new 09/17/00.

We are pleased to announce the availability of the all-new ASW Student Soprano Recorder, a new collaborative effort between ASW and the Adler-Heinrich workshop. This outstanding but extremely inexpensive instrument offers excellent intonation and response with far better tone quality and resistance to clogging than the best of the plastic recorders currently available. new 08/31/00.

The newest instrument from the Mollenhauer Workshop in Germany is the Dream Recorder, a student-quality wide bore neo-renaissance soprano recorder with large single tone holes, available in a choice of natural maple with dark-brown rings, or brilliant red or blue with gold rings. new 07/21/00.

The highly successful Music Minus One series of sheet music and CD accompaniment recordings has just been expanded by the long-awaited release of several new recordings of medieval, renaissance, and baroque ensemble music to complement their previous releases of baroque solo and chamber music for recorder. new 07/08/00.

Fans of the magnificent music of Giovanni Gabrieli will be thrilled to learn that London Pro Musica has just released its long-awaited editions of the twenty-one ensemble canzonas and sonatas from his Symphoniæ Sacræ II, published posthumously in 1615. These works, in six to twenty-two parts and one to three choirs, represent the maturest compositions of this great Venetian master and the acme of the Venetian polychoral style. new 06/05/00.

After a long search for a quality maker of reasonably-priced violas da gamba, we are extremely pleased to announce the addition to our catalogue of the fine quality instruments made by Karl Hoffer in the Czech Republic. These instruments are available either alone or with a high quality bow and case, and we are also able to offer special prices for a consort of three instruments purchased together. new 04/25/00.

The newest additions to our catalogue of historical woodwind instruments are the superb series of reproduction baroque, classical, and romantic clarinets made by Schwenk & Seggelke in Germany. They represent the current state of the art in historical clarinet design and we highly recommend them to the professional clarinettists among our customers. new 04/19/00.

We now have the new Mollenhauer Canta Alto Recorder in stock. This remarkable new entry-level instrument, a companion to the Canta soprano released last year, shows once again this leading German maker's ability to produce innovative, highly competitive instruments at an extremely affordable price. new 03/30/00.

New arrangements of classical and popular music for recorder ensemble from Arcadian Press have just been released. new 02/07/00.

The Küng Model I Folklora soprano recorders in bb are also now in stock in both pearwood and palisander rosewood. These instruments are extremely rewarding to play, combining as they do the positive qualities of both C soprano and F alto recorders in a single instrument. While intended by the maker for use by folk and popular musicians, they also enable the performance of the French and English solo baroque repertoire for the fourth flute. new 09/22/99.

We have just received our first shipment of the all-new Küng Model I keyless tenor recorders. They are simply superb instruments in every respect, and the price is extremely attractive as well. We expect them to become one of our best-selling tenors. new 09/16/99.

We once again have all four models of John Hanchet Spanish Shawms in stock for immediate delivery. Our original inventory of last spring was quickly depleted, but the maker has labored all summer to provide us with a substantial number of these instruments, as well as a more modest number of his superb mediæval and renaissance shawms. All sizes of his mediæval and early renaissance recorders are also once more in stock for immediate delivery. new 09/06/99.

The Küng Workshop has discontinued a number of hardwood models, single-keyed tenors and basses, and reproduction baroque instruments. These are listed at closeout prices in Carlton's Clearance Corner. Additional Küng Model II Recorders will be discontinued after the 1999-2000 model year; these "endangered" models are indicated with the † symbol on our regular price lists for Küng Recorders. updated 07/01/99.

In response to customer requests, we have added desktop and floor music stands made by König & Meyer to our catalogue. These are designed to fit in the Jakob Winter deluxe NSAT and NSATB multiple recorder cases also available from ASW. new 05/26/99.

The completely-redesigned Alexander Heinrich Meister series sopranino and soprano recorders are now in stock. These instruments, available in a choice of three exotic hardwoods as well as pearwood, offer excellent performance at bargain prices. new 05/14/99.

The highly successful and unique Adler-Heinrich Bell Recorders have just been substantially reduced in price for 1999. updated 03/09/99.

An innovative family of three new Adler-Heinrich Chalumeaux make available an inexpensive new single reed tonal resource for performers of medieval, folk, traditional, and contemporary music. Now also available in a choice of hardwoods. updated 03/09/99.

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