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The following publications have been selected and arranged so that they may be played on instruments with a range of a ninth, such as ocarinas, gemshorns, renaissance windcap instruments (crumhorns, cornamuses, kortholts, Kelhorns, rauschpfeifen, etc.) and also by beginning recorder players who have completed only Vol. I of the Hugh Orr: Basic Recorder Technique.

Title Scoring Order No. Price
Nine Morris and English Country Dances
Nine is Fine, Vol. I
Nine Renaissance Dances
Nine is Fine, Vol. II
Nine More Renaissance Dances
Nine is Fine, Vol. III
Nine Renaissance Dances
Nine is Fine, Vol. IV
ATTB SUP04 4.95
Nine English and Early American Songs
Nine is Fine, Vol. V
33 Xmas Carols for 3 instruments
Nine is Fine, Vol. VI
Love Songs of the Renaissance
Nine is Fine, Vol. VII
SAT MTC14 6.95
Medieval Tunes S/A/T MR152 NLA
Christmas Tunes for 2 ST MR154 NLA

Native American Music Series

Please note that we also stock an excellent Native American flute method from Mel Bay Publications.

Editor Title Scoring Order No. Price
Chazanoff Music of the Native North American
78 melodies from various tribes
the best beginning anthology
flute or rec KEFOS3 NLA
Chazanoff Native American Music, 7 volumes in a slip case
  • Vol. I: The Indians of the Southwest
  • Vol. II: The Indians of the Plains
  • Vol. III: The Indians of the Pacific Northwest
  • Vol. IV: The Indians of the Lakes and Woods
  • Vol. V: The Indians of the Great Basin-Plateau
  • Vol. VI: The Indians of the Southeast
  • Vol. VII: The Indians of California
  • flute or rec KEFOS12 42.00
    Moore (arr.) Native American Tunes in 3 & 4 Parts SAT & SATB recs KEFOS04 7.95

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