MARSYAS Recorders

November 2009 Price List

These premium-quality recorders from Switzerland were originally the product of a unique cooperative venture between Andreas Küng of the Küng recorder workshop and Heinz Ammann, a noted independent recorder maker who was for years the head of recorder design and production at the H. C. Fehr workshop. Effective January 2006, Ammann is no longer involved in the MARSYAS enterprise, which is now wholly owned and operated by the two brothers who are principals of the Küng workshop.

Instrument Features Wood Choices 2009 Price
Soprano in c'' two piece, double holes, soft case pearwood 440.00
plumwood 571.00
boxwood 571.00
olivewood 713.00
palisander 713.00
tulipwood 792.00
grenadilla 792.00
Alto in f' three piece, double holes, soft case pearwood 814.00
plumwood 1,025.00
boxwood 1,025.00
olivewood 1,269.00
palisander 1,269.00
tulipwood 1,481.00
grenadilla 1,481.00
Tenor in c' three piece, keyless, double holes, soft case pearwood 1,141.00
cherrywood 1,236.00
plumwood 1,433.00
boxwood 1,433.00
olivewood 1,597.00
palisander 1,597.00

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