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Mollenhauer CD Recordings

We now offer four private label CD recordings featuring instruments from the Mollenhauer workshop. We are making these available to our customers because they are unavailable through normal commercial channels.

"Spinnaker" contains soft jazz played on the Mollenhauer PRIMA soprano and alto recorders by French jazz artist Jean-François Rousson and his combo. This album provides some very pleasant easy listening.

"Cantabile" is a recital of late 18th and 19th century music performed by Nicolaj Tarasov and Michael Weiger on a variety of Modern recorders, including prototypes of other sizes not yet in production.

"Die Moderne Altflöte" is a demonstration of the capabilities of the new Mollenhauer Modern alto recorder in a wide variety of repertoire, performed by Nicolaj Tarasov.

"Adri's Traumflöte" is a demonstration recording played on Mollenhauer Dream soprano, alto, and tenor recorders by a variety of players including Marion Verbruggen, Paul Leenhouts, designer Adriana Breukink herself, and a number of others.

Title Description Performer Price
Spinnaker soft jazz played on Mollenhauer PRIMA recorders Jean-François Rousson, recorder 34.00
Cantabile 18th & 19th century music played on Mollenhauer Modern recorders Nikolaj Tarasov, recorder
Michael Weiger, fortepiano
Die Moderne Sopranblockflöte demonstration recording played on Mollenhauer Modern soprano recorder Nikolaj Tarasov, recorder 18.00
Die Moderne Altblockflöte demonstration recording played on Mollenhauer Modern alto recorder Nikolaj Tarasov, recorder 18.00
Adri's Traumflöte demonstration recording played on Mollenhauer Dream recorders Marion Verbruggen, Paul Leenhouts,
Adriana Breukink, et al.

Mollenhauer Denner Recorder Pin & Pendant

This is an authentic miniature copy of a Denner baroque recorder made in the workshops of one of Germany's leading recorder makers. It is playable, being pitched in c'''' and having a range of one octave, and is highly accurate in its details and turnings. It may be also be worn either as a pin or a pendant. It is c. 3 inches in length, and is available in a choice of either boxwood, palisander rosewood, or tulipwood. A perfect gift item for the recorder enthusiast.

Item Description Price
Denner baroque recorder pin/pendant 53.00

Via Handgrips

Technical development and progress on any musical instrument can be greatly accelerated if the hands and fingers are regularly exercised and strengthened. The Via Handgrip is a new, inexpensive, pocket-sized, comfortable and easy-to-use spring-loaded hand exerciser that allows players of all musical instruments and every ability level from beginner to professional to strengthen their thumbs and fingers both together and individually and develop digital flexibility, independence, and equality. Two models are available: a light (four pound) tension model, suitable for beginning players or those with arthritic hands, and a medium (six pound) tension model useful for advanced players with well-developed playing techniques. It can be used in a variety of situations, such as when travelling, to maintain technique and manual dexterity when an instrument is not available.

Item Description Price
Via Handgrip, low tension 11.95
Via Handgrip, medium tension 11.95

George Kelischek Mini-Ocarinas

These diminutive musical instruments have a fully-chromatic range of a ninth, from c'''-d'''' and sound an octave higher than a soprano recorder. They come with a lanyard, are packaged with a fingering chart and instructions for care and use, and make a wonderful gift item for a friend or relative. The instruction books and collections of pieces listed below are suitable for use with ocarinas, gemshorn, and other non-overblowing instruments.

Item Description Price
Mini-Ocarina in c''' rosewood NLA
Instructions and Tunes, pocket version MV001 NLA
Tune Book 2 MR151 6.95
Nine Renaissance Dances ATTB
Nine is Fine, Vol. IV
SUP04 4.95
Love Songs of the Renaissance
Nine is Fine, Vol. VII
MTC14 6.95

Winston Concert Series Panflutes

These are curved-style panflutes, made of quality woodgrain plastic, and are extremely stable in voicing and tuning. The tuning of individual pipes is easily adjusted by the cork stoppers, and the instrument can be easily adapted to play in any non-equally-tempered folk scale. We also offer a variety of method books and other sheet music from Mel Bay Publications for the aspiring player of this instrument.

Size Range Price
Panflute in g' 15 notes (g'-g''') 35.00
Costel Puscoiu Fun With the Panflute [beginning method] 4.95

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