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Customer education is an important and integral part of our work at Antique Sound Workshop. Listed below are links to extended and detailed essays offering you authoritative information on many varied aspects of the recorder and its playing technique, as well as detailed information on doing business with ASW.

IF you are at Square One and want to get started on recorder ASAP, read our FAQs for Beginners.

IF you already have a store-bought recorder but seem to be getting nowhere fast, take our crash course in Recorder Buying 101.

IF you want a detailed overview of the many different styles, makes, and models of recorders, see ASW Guide to Recorders.

IF you are confused about the differences between so-called baroque and German system recorders, see Recorder Fingering Systems.

IF you need information and specific recommendations on instructional and performance materials, read Recorder Methods and Materials.

IF you want to know how and why we revoice and retune the instruments we sell, or want to improve the tuning and intonation of your instruments, please peruse our article on Recorder Tuning and Intonation.

IF you are seeking information about the influence of breath pressure on recorder tone, tuning, intonation, and response, have a look at our editorial Blowing An Ill Wind Good. .

IF you are concerned about the current state of musical activities in the United States, you might be pleasantly surprised by the information unearthed by a recent Gallup Poll concerning Music-Making in America..

IF you want to examine our sales and return policy and warranty, go to ASW Terms of Sale..

IF you want to see what other customers have been saying about Antique Sound Workshop, check out Kudos from Our Customers..

IF you would like to learn about some of the great teachers, students, and musicians in the life of ASW director David H. Green, here are a few thumbnail In Memorium sketches of their lives and accomplishments:

Charles Robert Reinert

Artin S. Arslanian

Edith Stearns Trask

Bradford R. Devos

Carrol W. Hassman

Joseph Payne

Mimi Denton Bravar

Melissa W. Marks

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