Kudos from Our Customers

We like to think that the high quality of our custom-serviced instruments and our prompt, efficient service speak for themselves. However, we are not averse to letting prospective customers of our workshop hear what other customers have been saying about our instruments, advice, service, publications, and WWW site. The following unsolicited comments from satisfied customers of Antique Sound Workshop have been excerpted either from E-mail communications sent directly to us or else postings to Usernet news groups or Internet mailing lists.

Here's What ASW Customers Have Been Saying

About Our Personal Advice and Expertise:

You have helped guide me nearly 17 years now through a number of instrument purchases, enduring my many questions... I have appreciated your counsel more than you know. It is always a joy speaking to a man who has devoted his life to being excellent in his field. Money cannot purchase that kind of integrity and accumulated wisdom... I want to offer this short expression of my gratitude. Without your help I would not have been able to enjoy the recorder as I have these years. J. S., New Albany, MS.

Just over a year ago, I purchased a Mollenhauer Denner series Soprano Recorder in c", palisander from you. I have followed your "Recorder Care and Maintenance" exactly and religiously, which has yielded a fine instrument with a gorgeous tone that has given me countless hours of enjoyment. I expect countless more hours in the years ahead. P. B., Saline, MI.

I wanted to send you this note to tell you how grateful I am to you. You, sir, are a true treasure and I don't know how to thank you. The Mollenhauer recorder you sold me sounds wonderful... Finally I am not just playing notes I am making music! N. W., Holbrook, MA.

Thank you again for all you do for me and my recorder life. J. J., Lantzville, BC, Canada.

Thank you for the good news! And for your expertise and excellent customer service. Always a pleasure to deal with you. Very much looking forward to a new tenor! C. D., Hyder, AK.

Thank you for supplying so much information on your website. This order is just for me to get through the winter doldrums, so it is no rush if you are behind on orders. J. D., Ontonagon, MI.

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me at length about my questions... and sundry topics in general. The interest you take in your customers has me sold on Antique Sound Workshop already, and I haven't even completed my first purchase yet. P. R., Yorktown, NY.

I have learned more from you than I could ever hope to learn from hours and hours, at considerable expense, from even a good teacher. I thank you for all your advice - every bit makes a difference. Your passion for music and for the integrity of the recorder is quite contagious and you've been guiding me well along a wonderful path. [...]Anyway, I would like to thank you over and over. For taking the time to talk and figure out how to best advise, for getting it right, and for being the one that got music back into my life, in a new way and one that I know I will love for years to come.J. J., Coquitlam, BC, Canada.

Just wanted to let you know I just tried playing my recorder with the head pulled out a little and higher breath pressure as suggested....wow it has really made a difference! Tone quality and pitch improved...I feel a bit silly for not knowing this already! C. B., Sydney, NSW, Australia

Ihr Ratschlag war Gold wert! T. S., Beaumont, TX. Wenn das nur wahr wäre. Der Wert von Gold ist in der letzten Zeit deutlich gestiegen! Mein Rat aber, leider nicht so viel... DHG/ASW.

I enjoyed chatting with you: what a wonderful wealth of information and very helpful opinion. How glad I am that we've finally made contact! S. H., Iowa City, IA.

Sem problemas. Entendemos Português. Obrigado mais uma vez para por sua ordem. Ele será enviado para fora esta tarde. DHG/ASW. That's wonderful that you understand portuguese... Thank you again and i read a lot of good feedback about your customer service, and wise advises. And I forgot to thank you for making a site help newbies like me enter the world of recorder and with the "right foot", thanks !!!! M. S., São Paulo, Brazil.

Thanks so much for all your telephone time and advice. It definitely helped me make my decision, and I feel I am buying from someone who genuinely loves recorders. I will recommend you to anyone I know who is recorder shopping. S. W., West Chester, PA.

I just wanted to tell you of my delight over my recent purchases of the two easy Dowani booklets with CDs. I have only played the first piece in the first book, but I amaze myself that I am actually making REAL MUSIC with accompaniment so easily.[...] I thank you for writing up the Dowani music so positively. Otherwise I might never have been exposed to it. I would urge anyone like myself (self-taught using various recorder methods) who doesn't have easy access to playing with others to give this music a try. The method used on the CD (first a complete recording, then three accelerating tempos) is superb. J. C., West Allis, WI.

I took your advice and only played the alto for six months. Now I can pick up either instrument and play without too often getting confused, which happened at first. Now my husband... and I enjoy duets on either alto or soprano recorders, and sometimes play consort music with friends. Antique Sound Workshop offers the best instruments and equally fine assistance in making choices about which instruments to buy and other very helpful advice. L. D. L., Durango, CO

My Yamaha 300 alto and soprano recorders arrived yesterday before I had time to get anxious. They sound very good. Your advice sheet was excellent; no instructor ever said those things, some of which I have had to work out for myself. W. W., Cocoa Beach, FL.

Thanks so much for all the time you've taken to answer questions about my new recorder. I've read all the information you suggested on both blowing and tuning, and it all makes a great deal of sense--but I'd never actually learned this before.[...] It was in tune, as you predicted. I realize that, having used only plastic instruments in recent years I have been forced to blow gently to avoid them being too sharp and/or out of tune with with themselves. A. A., Atlanta, GA.

The alto I purchased from you arrived last week in excellent condition and is beautiful in sound and appearance. I appreciate your help with making the purchase selection and the advise for correcting my hand positioning, problem solved! C. H., Pleasant Gap, PA.

The difference is simply amazing - astounding really. Thank you so much for all the advice yesterday - I am now convinced that I can indeed play an alto recorder... I have never been able to get the lowest note to speak reliably as a result of any "technique" before now - only accidentally and very occasionally! Now, after some work using your words of wisdom - well, as you know, it works and works well enough already that I am confident I can learn to play an alto recorder - finally! S. P., Belmont, MA.

It may seem a risky business to purchase three new horns from almost three thousand miles away on the strength of a website -- even one so well designed -- and a first telephone call. But your candor and integrity have come through. The informative website, your swift responses to e-mail, our extended and cordial telephone conversations, and the arrival of the horns themselves -- all these have made the last few weeks stimulating and productive for me. One hopes for candor and integrity in a dealership, but you also provide a knowledge of the history of musical instruments and an informed concern for the proper playing of them which are remarkable indeed. C. T., Olympia, WA.

Je viens de recevoir la dernière commande que je vous avais faite et je vous remercie vivement de la diligence et de la courtoisie de votre service. Votre travail est exemplaire: j'ai trouvé sur votre site une information nuancée, riche et compétente qui m'a été très utile, et le service des commandes a été parfait. J'ai jeté un premier coup d'oeil sur le livre de Linde, Recorder Player's handbook: vous avez raison, il paraît très bien fait. Un grand merci. M. R., Melesse, France.

I just like to say that I really appreciate the help by who ever that was that was my sales man that assisted me on picking out the right instrument for my needs. It's rare now a day's to find someone that will spend the time with someone who isn't quite sure of what they are looking for, And guide them in the right direction. We are very pleased with the instrument we received with his suggestion. And we would like to say "THANKS" and we will definitely be back again for future business and will highly recommend your company to any one we are in business with ourselves.S. G., Somonauk, IL.

I wanted to let you know that my experience with Antique Sound Workshop has been absolutely first rate. Your knowledge, recommendations, timely delivery, and informative follow-ups are excellent -- I wish you and your company could be the model for all other businesses, web-based or otherwise! K. B., Hopkinton, NH.

We just spoke [on the phone] about my order for some Fehr instruments and accessories. I wanted to tell you how MUCH I appreciated your Web page, availability, counsel, and kindness. Thank you so much for your assistance! P. M., Austin TX.

I have some kudos for the selection you helped us with for our family ensemble. After reviewing our personal requirements and desires, you suggested the Kung Superio line. We've had them 7 months now. We were lucky to find a good teacher, and as we get better and have more exposure to other recorders and play ours in, I am very, very pleased. It's the rare instance that our Superios aren't just that in a mixed group of players. K. R., Salt Lake City, UT.

Again, I want to thank you for taking so much time to show me the various recorders, and for playing them so beautifully! It was exactly what I needed to feel comfortable about my purchases, and for me it was time well spent. It certainly reinforced my already good impression of your professionalism and knowledge as well as pretty incredible playing ability of your own! I feel very confident that I have made good choices for myself. M. F., New York, NY.

As always, it's a pleasure doing business with someone who knows about recorders. M. H., Manteca, CA.

I wanted to give a quick plug to David Green and the Antique Sound Workshop. Over the last several months I have been agonizing over what type of soprano I wanted to buy. David Green provided extremely valuable insight to help guide my decision. Always replying to multiple E-mail messages on minor detail of various instruments. Based on his input, I recently received my Fehr model IV soprano in grenadilla. The instrument has a wonderful sound that will improve as it is played in. David's custom voicing and tuning is what truly sets any instrument apart. I plan on playing this soprano for a long time to come and it is set up for that task. I would highly recommend any purchase from Antique Sound Workshop! T. S., Rescue, CA.

Your advice was sound (no pun intended). The new soprano responds easily with a little more breath speed. The old soprano does as well. However, it is an eye opener to play the old one - big difference - I'm happy with the new. D. K., Berwyn, IL.

I also have very successfully (at least I think so) used the Orr method to learn soprano, alto and tenor, as well as Ducennes (sp? I don't have it in front of me)...both on the recommendation of David Green at Antique Sound Workshop, who has a wonderful article on adult methods on his site. And yes, you can get them from him too! G. T., Wappingers Falls, NY.

I want to thank you for your assistance in my decision to purchase this [Mollenhauer Modern alto] recorder.I can easily play the upper and middle register while controlling the volume... Also I would like you to know that the single most important thing that I did was to take your advice on thumb position. S. H., Utica, NY.

A thousand blessings upon your head for sending out your recorders so that they get pulled out a bit for A=440. I was playing in church yesterday with my keyboard and gamba players, the church is not air-conditioned, was horribly hot and humid, and the organ was sharp. Because I had some wiggle room, I could push my recorder all the way in and then didn't have to cripple my lip trying to sharpen the tone. R. C., Harrisonburg, VA.

About Our Custom-Serviced Instruments:

As David Green says, if you want to play the recorder well you must start with a quality instrument. My new Yamaha Tenor 304B II as serviced and tuned by Antique Sound Workshop is outstanding. What a pleasure to play! G. C., Pasadena, CA.

After several weeks practicing with the Zen-On G-1A you sent me I just want to thank you and let you know how pleased I am with this instrument. The tuning is superb, the responsiveness across lower and upper registers is quick and easy and the registers are well-balanced. It's a pleasure to play, and having a well-designed plastic recorder for longer practice sessions is a great advantage. Thanks for the recommendation and the fine tweaking. M. S., Safed, Israel.

Thank you, David. I thoroughly enjoy every instrument purchased from you and look forward to receiving this one. T. G., Lexington, KY.

I received the Zen-On [Bressan alto recorder] today... wow, it is great. I see what you mean by "ringing bell-like tone in the upper octave"! Thanks for your set up...it is in tune across the entire range at my normal breath pressure. It is almost as nice as my Mollenhauer Denner and at a much lower price point (!). F. P., Chester, VA.

This last weekend, I played my recorders at one funeral, one church service, and two Christmas concerts. Each of my four recorders came from you. I enjoyed playing those recorders so much that I decided to send you a thank you note for the the service, advice, and products you have provided over the years. R. R., Las Vegas, NV.

Just a quick note to thank you for these really nice recorders. I have been using a stock Yamaha tenor for over four years and find your tuning/voicing results in a far better instrument which is much easier to play, has a greater dynamic range, and a more interesting voice. M. D., Elizabethtown, NC

I received my Mollenhauer/Denner pearwood soprano today and am thoroughly delighted with it. The prep work is obviously first-rate. I have been a professional woodwind player for more than forty years, and I know a great horn when I get my hands on it... I look forward to an ongoing relationship with you and your fine staff. K. P., Springfield, IL

Thanks for doing a great job adjusting the intonation of my instruments! They play easily and in tune, and it's great fun alternating between the different sized recorders that you sent. G. L., Stanford, CA

It is so wonderful to have an Alto which is in tune on all the notes! I will now have to play different fingerings as my old Alto had some notes I had to use strange fingerings for to get them in tune. I just love to hear the instrument playing really in tune and feel the wood vibrating under my fingers. Great feeling! G. R., Brisbane, Australia

I received the three [Mollenhauer] Canta recorders last week... and I have to say I am impressed. They have very nice and easy response, and the tenor has a very rich tone. The keywork is high quality as well. I think I might like it better than my keyless Denner [tenor recorder purchased from another dealer], probably due to the way you voice them. G. J., Westminster, CO

I received my Mollenhauer [Denner alto] recorder just over a week ago. I am really loving it. Thanks so much for your help in choosing this particular instrument. It should suite me perfectly for all the playing I will ever do. It plays very easily and the sound is just lovely. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. If I ever need any other assistance concerning this or any other recorder, you will be my first "go to" guy. K. P., Houston, TX

My shipment (Yamaha alto recorder YRA-312B III, and the Hugh Orr books) arrived today, and I've been happily if inexpertly tootling away half the afternoon and evening. I honestly don't know what made me decide to buy a recorder: I thought I had resigned myself to the fact that I was completely incapable of music. Now, after even this brief experimentation, I realize that even the most inept player will sound better on a real instrument than on an eight-dollar, child-size, clear plastic one-piece "recorder" from the toy department in Target. It is even possible that after some time of practice, I may invest in an actual wooden recorder. And if I do, rest assured it will certainly be from Antique Sound Workshop. S. M., Mesa, AZ

They came! They [Küng Model III soprano and alto recorders] are beautiful. My first impression was just wow and wower. Then I quick-read the most important stuff and played. And was amazed and delighted. Except by how quickly five minutes goes by. I do not know how you knew exactly what I was after when I didn't. But you figured it out, and I am ever so grateful and happy. The sound of both of these instruments has something that my others just lack... perhaps character is what I am looking for, not sure... but they will be an absolute joy to play, and these will probably not be my only ones. C. B., Grand Junction, CO

The [Fehr Model III] recorder arrived yesterday - it's fantastic! It's by far the best alto I've ever played (and I've tried lots)! A. S., Strathmore, Victoria, Australia

For quite awhile I have been enjoying the Kung Studio alto recorder (cherry) that is a companion to the soprano recorder that I started on. Many thanks for recommending these fine instruments to me, as it has allowed me to progress without the frustration that many other recorders deliver. I can handle the high and low register notes easily, thanks to the Kung. For an entry level recorder, it plays like the finest, with a lovely voice. L. D. L., Durango, CO

I am looking forward to the Küng tenor recorder. I never have realized how much the difference is between a voiced and tuned instrument and one off the shelf. ASW is spoiling us musicians - and thanks for that. C. S., Sault Ste. Marie, ON.

I just wanted to write to you and thank you for the wonderful recorder you sold to me. I bought it a few weeks ago, a Mollenhauer Denner Soprano in palisander. I have never heard a recorder that sounds as beautiful, rich, and pure as this one. The first time I played it, my wife (who usually ignores my playing) put down her book and stood up to hear me better. Ever since then she keeps asking me when the break-in period will be over so I can play it for her more often. A. P., Lakeville, MN.

I just wanted to let you know that I am still hopelessly in love with my Küng [Model III Superio alto] recorder[...] You were right when you said this alto would be a challenge for me at first, but that things would work out in the long run - but then, you're usually right about such things[...] People (like the violinist) are continually amazed at how well it projects and holds its own, and how good it sounds. Yes, it was the most expensive recorder I ever purchased, and is absolutely worth it. You've made me a very happy woman. R. C., Staunton, VA.

A quick scan of the kudos from happy customers on your website reveals that we all labour to describe that moment of revelation when we first experience the difference between familiar reproductions and the real thing. [...] Thank you for your excellent craftsmanship and professionalism that have enabled me [to] discard the echos on which I have been playing and enjoy the beauty of the true sound. C. P., Canberra, Australia.

The Fehr tenor arrived yesterday in good shape. This is a very good instrument. It plays exactly as you said it would. Many thanks. L. W., Orrs Island, ME.

In reference to the recorder purchased recently from your firm: God! What a nice instrument!!!! To hell with Hohner and the other artfully-crafted paint stirrers and swizel sticks I've used in the past. J. L., Columbus, IN.

I just wanted to let you all know that the recorder arrived and it is beautiful. [My husband] LOVES it! (couldn't wait til Christmas to give it to him). It sounds absolutely stunning. We are both floored by the difference in quality of sound over his last recorder. Thanks so much! H. K., Plano, TX.

Recently, I ordered a Kung Model I sopranino in maple. I immediately fell in love with the sound of my new instrument (only playing it five minutes a day, of course). I also purchased a Jakob Winter Deluxe Recorder Case to go with it. Last Wednesday, I was involved in a minor car accident while I was on the way to my recorder lesson at the University of Alabama. The accident caused a 40 pound box of paper to slam into my backpack, which had my new recorder inside. I am happy to say the recorder case saved my sopranino from certain damage. There is not even the slightest damage to the case! I have to say the recorder case is worth every penny I paid for it! Thank you for offering such fine products! J. B., Tuscaloosa, AL.

Just a quick note to let you know the recorder arrived on Wednesday at around 1:30pm. Thanks for working around the shipping date so I could be at home to receive it. It certainly is an impressive recorder and I'm pleased how much easier it is to play than my music-store wooden one. And of course, it sounds great! J. H., Lakewood, CA.

Thank you for providing excellent Meister Dotzauer brass instruments, notable for the materials used, the workmanship, and the downright value you offer. You have sent me, and I am eagerly working on, three rotary-valve horns: a B-flat trumpet, a standard (or `long') fluegelhorn, and a Kuhlo (or `short') fluegelhorn. Please convey my gratitude to the Dotzauers for the quality of their instruments and the evident care which went into their construction. I'm particularly grateful for your persuading me to try the Kuhlohorn, which I have already baptized by playing an obbligato to an anthem in a Lutheran church service and later by using it as my main instrument on a combo jazz/dance job. One might question whether I'm playing it or it is playing me. A happy collaboration from the start. C. T., Olympia, WA.

The Kung Model III Alto in Palisander arrived in good condition last Friday and what a beautiful instrument it is !! The wood is gorgeous with that almost burgundy cast and fine, consistent grain. The tone is superb with good projection and the tuning is right on. I won't repeat the mistake of trying another supplier in the future. Thank you for your excellent service. J. S., Boise, ID.

About two and a half weeks ago I purchased an Andreas Kung soprano recorder as well as several music books from you and I just wanted to thank you for your excellent, and so very prompt, service. The recorder is wonderful, just as you made it out to be, and your recommended method books which I purchased have been extremely helpful. Also, your web sight is very informative and well laid out. It's nice to know that there is someone out there who has about everything a recorder player could need. J. P., Livingston, MT.

I couldn't be happier! That Kueng model I in pearwood is everything that I hoped it would be. Thanks for... talking me out of simply buying a better plastic soprano recorder! Now I feel like I have a real instrument, and my only regrets are that it takes so long to break it in, and I didn't buy it from you sooner! Your customization is impeccable, this professional trombonist's ears can find no fault with the recorder's intonation... The response is entirely even from low "C" to the top, and it's so much easier and more rewarding to play than my Yamaha model 24 (insert wretching sounds here)! T. N., San Diego, CA.

Let me begin by saying, that I now know I have been playing sadly inferior recorders for over twenty years. Yesterday I received my Kung soprano and sopranino recorders, and I was truly amazed with the sound of the instruments. I had no idea that a recorder was capable of such lovely sound. All I had requested was a recorder which would actually play in tune, I had no idea there would be such a difference in tone! Imagine, I would have continued to play inferior instruments for years, if not for my discovery of your web-site and excellent customer service. K. M., Rockford, IL.

I received my Yamaha bass recorder today and it's wonderful! I'm not quite sure what you guys do to aid the tuning, but it's deadly accurate. I use a moderate breath pressure and it has always served me well in the past, however I've never played a recorder as large as this bass and I was concerned that I might have to make some adjustments to my technique. Thanks to your shop, I sound as though I've been playing the bass recorder all my life. Just wanted to say thank you for doing such a wonderful job! L. S., Alexandria, VA

Over the past month I've been breaking in my new Fehr Model IV soprano recorder (in grenadilla) and cannot tell you how pleased I am with this fine instrument. The sound and response have been incredible, and the workmanship elicits words of awe from fellow musicians... My thanks to you for taking the time in helping me choose the right recorder for my needs, an instrument I will be playing and enjoying for many years to come. Consider me a lifelong and loyal customer! C. M., Cary, IL.

The H.C Fehr Model IV bubinga recorders have arrived perfectly tuned and in excellent condition. I am enjoying using such quality instruments even though I am frustrated by only allowing myself such short practice times to allow the instruments to season as suggested. The possibility of such wonderful voices only getting better with time is worth every extra dollar spent. Breathtaking quality and sound! T. L., Camus, WA.

I received my Huber on Tuesday, and am thrilled with it. (It will be quite some time before I can really get to know it, as I am following your break-in recommendations.) I'm especially impressed by the evenness of the tone around the low b and c#. This is where all the recorders I've played before this one have sounded thin and reedy. Thanks for the recommendation, and for setting the instrument up so nicely. J. M., Silver Spring, MD.

I purchased your recommended Yamaha recorder last Christmas and have been working my way throught the Orr method since. I'm about halfway through the second book. I love everything about it. The recorder sounds really good compared to some others that I have heard, the sense of progress is just wonderful, and it is so much fun to be able to make music. Thank you for your recommendations. T. K., Shonto, AZ.

You did it! You found the recorder of my dreams for me!... I'm crazy about it: no clogging, minimum resistance even in upper register, sings like a little song bird in the upper register (instead of "screaming" like everything I own and have tried). I've discovered that a better recorder can make a recorder player a better player. N. R., Geneva, NY.

Check out Antique Sound Workshop (as found on the Recorder Home Page). David Green will gladly help you choose an acceptable tenor. He sold me the highly recommended Yamaha plastic tenor that he voices and tunes before he ships. I have compared it to an un-improved Yamaha and mine is definitely better. He has since sold me a wonderful wooden bass and soprano. B. B., Albuquerque, NM.

I just got a Mollenhauer Chorus tenor for my wife - this instrument, with double keys, is $332 from the Antique Sound Workshop, voiced, tuned and ready to go. It has a wonderful tone and I think is going to be the favorite instrument in the family. If $300 is in your range, it deserves serious consideration. B. C., Auburn, WA

I have a wonderful Fehr alto in grenadilla that I purchased from Antique Sound Workshop... If you can consider a new instrument, give David Green at ASW a call. I believe that he is the only U. S. dealer for new Fehr instruments, and he is very helpful. I. R., Phoenix, AZ.

I received the Huber alto last night. Looks good, feels great, and sounds terrific at all ranges. It's perfect. When the money rolls in, I'll get a matching S&T. This customer remains very pleased. And, BTW, I hope your internet sales are doing well. Without the internet and the ability to shop online, I'd still be playing my Moeck Tuju. Thanks again. M. R., Pacifica, CA.

I have a Yamaha tenor (304B, purchased from David Green at ASW) which my instructor says is the best sounding plastic recorder he's ever heard. D. G., Oregon City, OR.

Today I received my Mollenhauer Denner Soprano recorder, and I just have to write to you about it. My only recorder before this was a Gill soprano, which I played for almost two years, and I just couldn't believe the difference. I knew the Gill was cheap and not very good, and I had read all the notes on your site about how a bad recorder can hamper you, but I just did not fully understand it until today. The sound that came out of my new Denner was so beautiful, I was just blown away. I never thought I would be able to produce a sound like that. I used to think that I just could not play the recorder to the level I wanted, and I used to get so frustrated. Today, the melodies I was producing with my new recorder sounded so good to me, I thought it was another person playing. I know it probably sounds melodramatic, but I was almost overwhelmed, because I used to get so frustrated about my lack of progress, and why my sounds just were not improving. With my old recorder every note was flat, I could never get in tune with another player no matter what I did, often the recorder would just clog on me halfway through a piece, and some notes just sounded awful. I thought it was me. Today, with the new Denner, was just an amazing experience. The sound was so sweet, and came so easily, I thought I could play anything. It was really really tough to limit myself to the 10 minutes of practice you recommend for the new instrument. I just wanted to keep playing. Thank you so much for helping me on this. You have made a huge difference. A. D., Knoxville, MD.

About Our Prompt and Efficient Service:

Aquí está la factura de su pedido. Se enviará el jueves de la próxima semana. Recibirá información de recogida, seguimiento y entrega de www.ups.com cuando el paquete se entregue a UPS para su envío. DHG/ASW. Muchas gracias David, la factura es correcta. Excelente servicio y comunicación de Antique Sound Workshop. M. R., Bogatá, Colombia.

Thank you! I still love the recorders I purchased from you years ago! Your service is the best! K. Q., St. Louis, MO.

Thank you. I'm glad to hear you are swamped – you're one of my favorite US businesses. M. B., Rochester, NY.

I can't figure out your business model. I have been shopping around on the Internet for Mollenhauer recorders and found that your prices for your custom-serviced instruments with free shipping are actually lower than your competitors who don't offer any customer service or support and charge additionally for shipping. What am I missing here? L. Z., Sunnyvale, CA. Answer: we don't track competitors' prices, but if you read it on the Internet, it must be true. The real fact of the matter is that we actually lose money on every instrument we sell, but we make it up in quantity. :-) DHG/ASW.

Thank you so much for digging this [original fingering chart] up for me. As I suspected, some of the fingerings differ from what I remembered. I truly appreciate the quality of your service. M. G., New York, NY.

Thank you for revoicing my [Mollenhauer] Modern alto recorder. I heard the difference the moment I took it out of the box and played a tune. You are a valuable resource for all of us who play recorder. You know more about recorders than anyone else in this country. R. R., Dayton, NV.

You may be the quickest draw in the West when it comes to customer service replies. Thank you, I'm impressed!... And thanks for having better prices than anywhere in Canada! M. F., Barrie, ON, Canada.

I appreciate your taking the time to listen to and address my requirements. This service, the professional tuning, and your shop's professionalism are very much appreciated and will ensure that this customer will continue to be a regular customer. D. M., Alexandria, VA.

...Of the three dealers I called, you re the only one who did not make me feel as if I were interrupting something more important. I look forward to being one of your regular customers. D. P., Winston-Salem, NC.

It has been a pleasure doing business with your workshop over the last few months. The speed at which you get the instruments in the mail [sic - we use UPS] is truly remarkable. I'd also like to thank you for the time you've spent with me on the phone; much of your information has proved invaluable. M. A., Minneapolis, MN.

Thank you for your patience with the likes of me, who keeps going for plastic against the odds. And thank you also for including that much-needed custom servicing with your instruments. D. M., Espoo, Finland.

I appreciate working with an organization that takes their work as seriously as you obviously do. It seems in this internet age that good service is often sacrificed. You have delivered just what you said you would and when you said you would. Thank you very much. R.F., Fouke, AR.

I just want to thank you for servicing my recorder and answering my questions patiently and promptly... You have definitely gained yourself a loyal customer. I look forward to doing business with you in the future. Thank you again, and may you have much success in all of your endeavors. L.Z., Brooklyn, NY.

I just wanted to say thank you for your web site and personal knowledge (and patience) on the phone. I received my soprano recorder order for my husband on December 24th. I am not very computer savvy or musical, and you were most helpful to me. In this day and age it is nice to know I can still successfully do business with a real live person on the phone who can, and is willing, to answer my questions. N. K., Naperville, IL.

I can't BELIEVE how fast you got my Marsyas re-corked and back to me. I'm thrilled to have it for our performance this coming Saturday - with even a few days to get back used to it with this music. Thanks SO much - I tell other people about the kind of service you give and they can hardly believe it. Do you know what kind of anachronism you are? R. C., Staunton, VA.

I really have to commend you on both your service and helping me find the correct pieces. I have been able to find through you pieces that flute speciality stores either do not have or send me the wrong piece...thank you. J. A., West Chester, PA.

[...] I must also tell you how impressed I was with the personal service you gave me as you assisted me in picking out the right instrument for me. The Hugh Orr books you sold me are also wonderful and I love playing the music in them. It seems so rare these days that someone actually cares enough about what they do and their customers that one gets good service at all. Your service was beyond compare with anything I have experienced in many years. Your knowledge, professionalism, and caring impressed me fully. A. P., Lakeville, MN.

[...] It's good to have the ASW consignment facility available. More generally I certainly have appreciated your unfailingly efficient, dependable and knowledgable services over more than 2 decades. J. T., Woodstock, NB, Canada.

[...] FYI, though I am American, I live in France and have come to you simply because of the range of instruments you deal with and the fact that the prices are significantly lower than in Europe. When I take delivery it will be during one of my frequent visits to the States. R. G., Paris, France.

The website is interesting, informative and comprehensive, but without such knowledgeable, patient (I called several times) customer service, I might not have known exactly which recorders to choose. I am thoroughly pleased with the recorders and recorder music recommended to me. Furthermore, I appreciate the custom tuning sheets and the recorder information sheets, outlining the break-in and playing recommendations, although 5-10 minutes passes far too quickly! After years of playing, some of this information was still "news to me". Thanks for the wonderful service you provide. K. M., Rockford, IL.

I'd like to thank you very much for your assistance and excellent service. I am very happy that I found you. This whole process would have been incomparably more difficult without your help, and I would not have ended up with even remotely as good and satisfying a product as I did. It is obvious that you love what you do. U. W., Elmhurst, IL.

I work with a person who purchased a recorder through you and who is very happy with the service and attention he received. His interest in recorders has re-sparked my interest… I look forward to making my first purchase with you soon.T. E., Shoreline, WA.

I just wanted to thank you for the prompt recorking service! My recorders arrived home safe, sound, and possessing nice snug headjoints on Thursday. L.V.B., Minnetonka, MN.

My Mollenhauer Denner Alto has played in nicely and I'm very happy with it. I hope things are well with you, and again let me tell you how satisfied I am in doing business with you. F. P., Hoboken, NJ.

Thank you as always for your assistance. Greatness is all in perception. Running ASW is a type of greatness. I would place you somewhere between Malvolio and Leonardo DiCaprio. S. M., Saugus, CA.

Thought this would be a good time to second the recommendation of the Antique Sound Workshop. I had a similar very good experience with Mr. Green's patience as I was trying to select my first decent wood recorder last fall - and I WILL be back for more. B. C., Auburn, WA.

About Our Former Newsmagazine Chrestologia:

Why can't The American Recorder magazine be as interesting and informative as Chrestologia? I look forward to your publication always. M. S. Rancho Santa Margarita, CA.

What do I have t do to receive our publication? A friend lent me hers and I read it cover to cover and loved it -- especially the very amusing (and authoritative) record reviews. M. T., Kansas City, MO.

Thanks for the latest issue of Chrestologia, interesting, informative, and fascinating as usual. J/ R., Wilmington, VT.

Your website is spectacular. Additionally, I recently ordered from you a few past editions of Chrestologia. I found them to be most interesting. Though old I found them to contain more useful information than the current issues of the American Recorder magazine I subscribe to. D. P., Portland, OR.

I've just finished reading your long review and commentary on our MMO flute, and recorder releases. We've never in forty eight years of reading reviews had the privilege of reading a review of such length devoted to our releases. This used to be the norm in music, to see perceptive and in-depth commentary, but sadly put, them days seem gone forever. In any case, nothing but kudos for the biog, and the seamless way you blend this into the reviews. I would certainly like to be put on the mailing list for Chrestologia. I. K., Elmwood, NY.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the February "Chrestologia" and am looking forward to future issues. Thanks again for making this a pleasant and interesting transaction; it is clear that you understand the difference between a customer and a mere consumer. So few businesses make that distinction these days that it is quite refreshing to deal with someone who does! H. S., Palatine, IL.

Thanks for sending Chrestologia my way. I found the article on Carl Dolmetsch especially enlightening -- so much more revealing than the standard obituaries that appeared elsewhere. And as a viol player who often has to tune up or down for different ensembles, I was interested in what you had to say about pitch in the latest issue. E. F., Riverside, CA.

About Our Informative Web Site:

[...] ASW's Information Bulletins about the recorder and playing technique have no equal in print or on the Internet. G. C., Pasadena, CA.

Just a personal comment. The person who wrote your descriptions for this literature is to be commended. I have actually found someone who can use the English language. This is a bright light in an otherwise drab world. Thank you. J. T., San Ysidro, CA

Firstly, I'd like to thank you for your straight-talking, highly informative website. I particularly value the fact that not only is a wealth of information shared, but also that there is no fear in sharing what seem to be very personal opinions and preferences. I don't think I've ever encountered a website that so thoroughly understands the needs of its users. To find such a website while "shopping" is astonishing. K. K., San Francisco, CA.

A word of praise for whoever executed the ASW web site: it is a fascinating, inviting place to browse. The text is clear, grammatically flawless, even literary at times, and unexpectedly humorous on occasion. In an Internet of mostly uncaring garbage presentations, yours is an oasis of pleasure. I, who have no interest in recorders, am drawn back again and again. D. B., Clarksburg, CA.

By the way, I forgot to compliment you on your web site: it is absolutely superb! (If you would like to see a really lousy site for an early music dealer, try [name and URL omitted]) Your site is so much superior to theirs that its difficult to believe that you exist in the same universe. Your site is like Michelangelo's ceiling in the Sistine Chapel, which lays out the whole story of humankind's relation to God clearly and comprehensibly, and theirs is like the confused scrawls of a very dull child. D. L., Greenville, NC.

Thanks so much for your web site. It is generous, intelligent, and reflects your love of this instrument and your respect for your customers. Well done. J. S., Portland, ME.

Speaking of your website: at one point in it, you apologize that it isn't fancy and flashy...but on the other hand, flash with no content is an utter waste of time, even if pretty to look at. I've seen pretty websites with tabs for seven different pages, none of which said anything I wanted to know. Your website allowed me to research brands of recorder, to determine what my own needs were, and to be comfortable buying a recorder mail order. W. D., La Crescenta, CA.

I wish there were more web sites like yours. Max content with minimum fluff. I learned more in a couple hours at your site than all the other sites combined. J. B., Chicago, IL.

Every once in a blue moon a person stumbles across something that seems almost too good to be true. I have been sweating it out trying to figure out how to sort through all the info on purchasing a plastic or wooden alto and soprano recorder for my 11 year old twins. It is their first instrument and so I want to make it especially nice. But how to sort through all the marketing that doesn't always have the customers best interest in mind? Yuk! BUT, I managed to come across ASW and my fears have crumbled away to nothing. You have one of THE MOST informative and insightful websites that I have come across in a while. You can bet that I will be ordering from ASW just as soon as I sort through all the wonderful pages I downloaded off your site. I'm still in awe at how perfectly you have answered all my questions about the recorder flute. Good grief! It just doesn't get any better than this. If a person is looking for anything having to do with a recorder flute, they really don't have to go beyond ASW. The web search stops there for good reason. Keep up the SUPERB work. R. R., Birmingham, AL.

I found your Web site among the best Internet resources for learning about the recorder generally and about the practical ins and outs of obtaining and learning the instrument. Your site is comprehensive, well designed, and highly understandable to the neophyte. M. D., Springfield, MO.

I have just spent an afternoon reading nearly everything on your web site, and I'm happy to have discovered you. It is extremely informative, quite amazing in fact... Your site has given me a lot of useful information which I very much appreciate. I'm sure I will be calling to consult in the future (hopefully near future!) I'm thrilled to have found such a knowledgeable resource.M. F., New York, NY.

[...] The web site of Antique Sound Workshop at http://www.aswltd.com is very informative.[...] They have a very informative discussion of methods for beginning, intermediate and advanced. they also have a huge online catalog of music (thousands of titles) and recorders (hundreds). I am not associated with them except I became a customer by finding their wonderful internet site. They were very helpful over the phone and email too. K. C., Carter, MT.

For a place on the web to get a crash course in many things about the recorder, and to see what custom voiced instruments (including plastics and the Mollehauer PRIMA hybrid plastic/wood instruments) cost (some not as much as you might think), take a look at the Antique Sound Workshop's web site: http://www.aswltd.com. After having tried an instrument from Mr. Green, I'll not go back to an over-the-counter music shop purchase again. B. C., Auburn, WA

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