Martin's Music Markdowns

The following is a list of sheet music currently on special clearance sale, brought to you by our publications department manager Martin. Any items on clearance for more than thirty days are used to line bird cages. Some items are one-of-a-copy and we cannot guarantee availability of any particular item. All sheet music is brand new and in mint condition unless otherwise noted.

Publications of the Italian Recorder Society
(Società Italiana del Flauto Dolce)

Antique Sound Workshop has been chosen to liquidate the entire American inventory of these important discontinued publications. Many of these titles are already sold out, but we have copies of all of the following IRS publications still in stock.

Composer Title Scoring Order No. List Sale
Antico, Andrea Frottole per organi (1517) keyboard IRS 03 10.75 5.25
Odescalchi, Pier Giorgio Libro di sonate del Signor Rubini (1630) recorder, cornetto, or violin IRS 04 12.00 6.00
Haendel, Georg Friedrich Largo e Alla Breve, from op. 5 no. 5 SA(opt.T)+continuo IRS 06 13.00 6.50
Sbordoni, Alessandro Ouvert [avant garde work] SATB IRS 13 13.00 6.50
Witzenmann, Wolfgang Fughette (1979) [avant garde work] SAT/SSA/SAT IRS 18 13.00 6.50
Temprement, Jean Trio à Eldé and La Leopoldina AAA/SAA, SATB [easy contemporary work] IRS 21 11.25 5.75

Closeout Sale on Moeck Publications

Composer Title Scoring Format Order No. List Sale
Georg Wilhelm von Hantelmann How to Play Crumhorns, Cornamuses, and Kortholts windcapped double reed instruments instruction book Edition Moeck Nr. 2077 NLA 24.00
Otto Steinkopf and Volker Kernbach How to Play Shawms, Dulcians, and Racketts exposed double reed instruments instruction book Edition Moeck Nr. 2079 NLA 24.00

Closeout Sale on London Pro Musica Publications

Composer Title Scoring Format Order No. List Sale
Jørgen Presten 2 chorale settings SSATTB/SSTTTB six playing scores EML 352 6.00 3.50
Juan Bermudo Tientos and Hymns (1555) SATB 4 playing scores EML 362 7.50 4.50
Andrea Antico Motetti novi e chanzoni franciose (1520) 4-8 voices or instruments score LPM RM9 13.00 7.75

Miscellaneous Clearance Items

The following publications are available at special sale prices. In most cases, only one copy of each publication is available at these prices. Additional copies of some items are available at the regular price, but other items are temporarily or permanently out of print and no longer available.

Composer Title Scoring Order No. List Sale
Georg Philipp Telemann Four Sonatas from "Der getreue Musikmeister" A and keyboard plus CD recording VHR-3653 26.25 19.95
William Bay You Can Teach Yourself Recorder VHS video cassette recording MB94337VX 29.95 14.95
John Kember and Peter Bowman Recorder Sight-Reading 1 1-2 recorders and keyboard ED12957 12.95 7.75
Hal Leonard Play Recorder Today! S & CD 00700919 7.95 4.75
Peter Bowman Fun and Games with the Recorder at Christmas 2-3 recorders ED12910 10.95 6.50
Buxtehude, Dietrich Wir Danken Dir, Herr Jesu Christ SAAB PP 168 5.00 3.00
Joplin, Scott Weeping Willow ATTBBG PP 169 6.50 4.00
Rothgarber Round and Round SS+perc SP2301 2.95 1.75
Horton, John Songs, Signs, and Stories, Vol. 2 Teacher's Book ED11410 19.95 12.00
Horton, John Songs, Signs, and Stories, Vol. 2 Pupil's Book ED11410A 9.95 6.00
Lotti Spiess (ed.) French Folk Songs SS & opt. perc. OFB0002 9.95 6.00
J. S. Bach Concerto in D 3 solo violins & keyboard HUG10050 19.95 12.00
Silvius Leopold Weiss Anthology of Selected Pieces guitar ED12320 20.95 12.50

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