Leberecht Fischer Percussion Instruments

January 2014 Price List


Small tunable bowl drums, 8" diameter hand-hammered copper bowls, with calfskin heads, twelve leather tuning thongs, and pair of wooden sticks included.

Instrument Features Price
pair of nakers with sticks 8", hammered copper 588.00
folding stand for pair of nakers black steel, three sections 185.00


Small double-headed drums, walnut frame; two rope-tensioned calfskin heads with sixteen leather tuning thongs, single adjustable gut snare, one wooden stick included. May be hung from the wrist and used with the smaller sizes of tabor pipes or independently.

Instrument Features Price
tabor with stick 12" x 4.5", two calfskin heads, single snare 498.00
tabor with stick 10" x 10", two calfskin heads, single snare 498.00


Tambourines with walnut frames, 10" diameter, calfskin head secured with leather band and tacks, available in three models:

Instrument Features Price
timbrel, 10" 6 pairs of hand-hammered jingles 145.00
4 pairs of flat jingles & pellet bells 149.00
tambour de basque, 10" 9 pairs of hand-hammered jingles,
inlaid frame

Side Drums

Single-headed drums of equal diameter and length, with genuine walnut frames and head rims, one or two rope-tensioned calfskin heads, and sliding leather tuning thongs. These instruments produce a well-defined pitch and may also be used in sets of two or three as renaissance timpani. These single-headed drums stack inside one another for easy storage and transport.

Instrument Features Price
small side drum 10" x 10", one head 648.00
small side drum 12" x 12", one head 676.00
medium side drum 13" x 13", one head 707.00
medium side drum 14" x 14", one head 756.00
large side drum 16" x 16", one head 829.00
large side drum 18" x 18", one head 898.00
set of three smaller (10/13/16) nested single-headed drums 2,184.00
set of three larger (12/14/18) nested single-headed drums 2,330.00

Bass Drums

Double-headed bass drums available in three different diameters and 11" depth, with genuine walnut frames and head rims, two rope-tensioned European calfskin heads, and sliding leather tuning thongs. These instruments produce a deep, rich sound that is perfectly suited to medieval and renaissance music.

Instrument Features Price
small bass drum 20" x 11", two heads 2,943.00
medium bass drum 24" x 11", two heads 3,533.00
large bass drum 26" x 11", one head 3,827.00

Baroque Timpani

Kettles made of hand-hammered aged copper with wrought-iron fittings, five sizes, each with a choice of three plastic and three genuine calfskin heads. Ornately-turned tripod stands of walnut. Felt and wooden sticks available separately.

Instrument Size Range Head Price
Baroque Timpano 22.5" diameter B-a Remo WeatherKing 2,721.00
Remo Renaissance 2,879.00
Strata 2,879.00
Kalfo-Super 3,839.00
Kalfo Calfskin 3,719.00
European calfskin 3,350.00
Baroque Timpano 25" diameter G-f Remo WeatherKing 2,822.00
Remo Renaissance 2,939.00
Strata 2,939.00
Kalfo-Super 3,956.00
Kalfo Calfskin 3,846.00
European calfskin 3,463.00
Baroque Timpano 26" diameter F-e Remo WeatherKing 2,872.00
Remo Renaissance 2,996.00
Strata 2,996.00
Kalfo-Super 4,178.00
Kalfo Calfskin 4,051.00
European calfskin 3,520.00
Baroque Timpano 28.5" diameter E-d Remo WeatherKing 3,011.00
Remo Renaissance 3,049.00
Strata 3,049.00
Kalfo-Super 4,288.00
Kalfo Calfskin 4,168.00
European calfskin 3,580.00
Baroque Timpano 31" diameter D-B Remo WeatherKing 3,410.00
Remo Renaissance 3,555.00
Strata 3,555.00
Kalfo-Super 4,933.00
Kalfo Calfskin 4,737.00
European calfskin 4,099.00


Early form of xylophone, with forty-two palisander tone bars in four rows over a wooden slat frame; fully chromatic range of over three octaves (f-c''''); one pair of spoon-shaped beaters included.

Instrument Features Price
strawfiedel with pair of beaters palisander bars, slat frame 1,672.00

Small Percussion Instruments

Instrument Features Price
pair of claves palisander rosewood, 8" 31.00
pair of castanets mahogany 53.00
wooden ratchet maple, no metal parts 41.00
pair of finger cymbals nickel silver 31.00
pair of finger cymbals bronze 58.00

Replacement Sticks and Beaters

Instrument Features Price
naker beaters 25 cm., pair 56.00
tabor stick 31 cm., each 21.00
felt-head drum/timpani sticks 36 cm., pair 67.00
wooden-head drum/timpani sticks 33 cm., pair 53.00

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