Bernard Lehmann String Instruments

MediŠval, Renaissance, and Baroque Instruments

Fine quality instruments of moderate cost, custom made to our specifications. Please inquire about optional decorative features available on special order.

Instrument Features Price
Rebec after Cantigas de Santa Maria three strings, c'-g'-d'' or d'-a'-e'' 850.00
MediŠval fiedel (vielle) after Memling
standard model
five strings, c-g-c'-g'-c'', fretted 900.00
MediŠval fiedel (vielle) after Memling
custom decorated instrument
flamed maple, chip-carved rosettes, cedar top 1,275.00
Bows for rebec or mediŠval fiedel brazilwood, sliding frog 125.00
rosewood, sliding ebony frog 175.00
pernambuco, sliding ebony frog 250.00
Padded carrying bag for rebec, with shoulder strap 50.00
Padded carrying bag for vielle, with shoulder strap 50.00
Wooden stand for tenor gamba or tenor lute 175.00
Wooden stand for bass gamba or theorbo 175.00
MediŠval lute after Arnault de Zwolle, 53 cm. gut strings, tuning AA-EE-aa-ee-a'a' 3,950.00
Renaissance tenor lute after Giovanni Hieber 59 cm., 6 to 8 courses from 5,500.00
Baroque lute after Michielle Harton 66 cm., 8 to 10 courses from 8,550.00

Prices for theorbos, theorboed lutes, & chittarones on request; baroque guitars, vihuelas, citterns, & bandoras also available on special order.

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