Aulos Baroque Flutes

These well-designed, yet relatively inexpensive baroque flutes from one of Japan's leading plastic recorder makers are accurately patterned after surviving original museum instruments and offer the beginning baroque flutist an authentic, easy-to-play first instrument at a minimal investment.

These excellent reproductions exhibit the same intonational problems as the museum originals, specifically sharpness on a number of notes in the second octave due to dehydration and shrinkage over several centuries. However, our low discounted prices on these instruments also include custom tuning and voicing in our workshop, which nicely corrects the intonational problems.

The matte finish model Grenser flute has been discontinued; only the gloss black model in a soft case is now available. The elegant Stanesby low-pitch flute is based on an original ivory instrument; the creamy white plastic reproduction model, which looks and sounds remarkably like the original museum instrument, is no longer available in a soft cases, only with a handsome fitted hard case.

Instrument Features Material Price
Grenser flute a'=440 Hz., soft case gloss black 531.00
a'=440 Hz., fitted hard case NLA
a'=440 Hz., soft case matte black NLA
a'=440 Hz., fitted hard case NLA
Stanesby flute a'=415 Hz., soft case imitation ivory, metal rings NLA
a'=415 Hz., fitted hard case 863.00

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