American Recorder Society Editions

In the late 1950s and early 1960s, the American Recorder Society embarked upon an ambitious project to publish a series of inexpensive performing editions of early music and folk music for recorder consort. The editors of these publications were several then-luminaries of the recorder world, such as Erich Katz, LaNoue Davenport, and Bernard Krainis. Special editorial emphasis was placed on arranging music so that it could be played by a consort of instruments lacking a bass recorder. After twelve publications had been released by the original publisher, the series was continued by Associated Music Publishers with editions numbered 13 to 40. Virtually all of these latter publications have been out of print and unavailable for several decades. However, we are happy to relate that a long-overlooked cache of the first dozen editions, as well as two of the later editions, are once again available from Antique Sound Workshop. All early music enthusiasts should have these highly useful, well-edited, extremely inexpensive set of publications in their libraries.

Composer Title Scoring Order No. Price
Salomone Rossi 5 Sinfonie a Tre Voce SSA/SAT PP9056 NLA
Melchior Franck 4 Dances SSAT/SAAT PP9057 NLA
Davenport (ed.) 6 American Folk Songs SSA/SAT PP9058 NLA
Girolamo Frescobaldi Canzona SSAT/SAAT PP9059 2.95
de Lantins, Binchois, Dufay 4 15th Century Chansons SSA/SAA/SAT, optional voice PP9060 NLA
[Anonymous] Italian Villanellas of the 16th Century SSAT/SAAT/SATT, optional voice PP9061 2.95
Joseph Haydn 3 Pieces for Musical Clockwork SSA/SAT PP9062 NLA
Samuel Scheidt 3 Variations on "Warum betrübst du dich, mein Herz" SSAT/SAAT PP9063 2.95
Davenport (ed.) Music of the 13th and 14th Centuries SSA/SAA/SAT PP9064 NLA
Henry Cowell (arr.) Early American Spirituals SSA/SAA/SAT, optional voice PP9065 NLA
Hilton, Tomkins English Music of the Early Baroque SAT/AAT PP9066 2.95
Jacob Regnart 6 Lively Airs SSA/SAA PP9067 2.95
Joel Newman (ed.) Five Villancicos of the Renaissance SSAT/SAAT GS50227120 NLA

†Only a very few copies still available of this title.

Centaur Recorder Editions

Also unavailable for a long time has been the small but select catalogue of music for recorder ensemble from Centaur Recorder Editions. The works published include a superb extended original contemporary composition in a neo-Hindemith style by Erich Katz for recorder consort and percussion, as well as useful, well-edited publications of early and folk music for three and four recorders by Katz, Davenport, Donough, Grove, and Jeanne. As with the ARS editions listed above, most of these works were transposed so that they could readily be played by only soprano, alto, and tenor instruments.

Composer Title Scoring Order No. Price
Erich Katz Suite for Recorder Consort and Percussion SATB & various percussion PP9070 6.95
Katz (ed.) Old Christmas Music SSA/SAA/SAT PP9071 NLA
Davenport (ed.) American Folk Songs SSA/SAA/SAT, optional voice/guitar PP9072 4.95
Katz (ed.) Fantasias and Ricercares
of the 16th and 17th Centuries
SAT PP9073 4.95
Katz (ed.) Motets and Hymns of the 16th Century SSA/SAA/SAT PP9074 4.95
Dietrich Buxtehude 6 Organ Chorale Preludes SATB PP9077 4.95
J. S. Bach Christmas Chorales SATB PP9078 4.95
J. S. Bach 12 Chorales SSAT/SAAT/SATT PP9079 4.95

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