Laukhuff Pipe Organs

Continuo Organs

This continuo organ has been designed for schools and churches wanting a compact, portable instrument for accompaniment use with choral, chamber, and orchestral groups. The keyboard extends from C to f''', providing a full 56 note range, and slides sideways to allow performance at either a'=440 or 415 Hz. The disposition of the four rank instrument consists of an 8' Gedackt, 4' Rohrflöte, 2' Prinzipal and 1 1/3' Quinte or 1' Octävlein. An additional Terz 1 3/5' from ab is available. All pipes except the lowest 18 notes of the 8' register are metal. The electric blower and wind reservoir are housed within the compact case., which measures 42'' x 37'' x 26''.

Instrument Price
continuo organ, four stops 36,619.00
continuo organ, four ½ stops 38,389.00

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