Kelischek Workshop Woodwind Instruments

The Kelischek Workshop produces a wide range of inexpensive plastic windcap instruments, pennywhistles, tabor pipes, and pentatonic recorders. The crumhorns and Kelhorns are the least expensive renaissance windcap instruments currently available from any maker; when serviced, regulated, and tuned in our own workshop, they provide excellent performance at a very attractive price and can serve as excellent introduction for recorder players wanting to branch out into other historical wind instruments. Please see the additional listings for Kelischek plastic and wooden mini-ocarinas at Gifts Items and Miniature Instruments

Susato Plastic Windcap Instruments

After having been out of production for many years, these renaissance windcap instruments have been redesigned and provided with new, vastly improved reeds. However, delivery by the maker remains extremely tenuous; we are not able to promise a delivery date with any degree of confidence or certainty. We revoice and retune each instrument to our own professional standards. The crumhorns are available in three sizes and have two keys to extended the basic range of a ninth by three additional half tones to an eleventh. The Kelhorns, inspired by the historical renaissance kortholts, have the original historical range of a ninth and a patented convoluted internal bore design that reduces the physical dimensions to an extremely compact, easy-to-finger size. Kelhorns have essentially the same tone quality as the crumhorns, and a bass Kelhorn makes an excellent bass range instrument to a set of crumhorns. We also offer an excellent assortment of Susato Press publications, including the new Nine is Fine series, which provide a wealth of historical and folk music suitable for non-overblowing instruments such as crumhorns, Kelhorns, gemshorns, and beginning recorder players as well.

Instrument Range Features Price
soprano crumhorn in c' c'-f'' two keys
range of an 11th
plastic reed
alto crumhorn in g g-c'' 360.00
alto crumhorn in f f-b' 360.00
tenor crumhorn in c c-f' 390.00
hard case for SAT crumhorns 135.00
soprano Kelhorn in c' c'-d'' no keys
range of a 9th
plastic reed
alto Kelhorn in g g-a' 360.00
alto Kelhorn in f f-g' 360.00
tenor Kelhorn in c c-d' 420.00
bass Kelhorn in F F-g 600.00
hard case for SA Kelhorns 72.00
hard case for TB Kelhorns 72.00
hard case for SAT Kelhorns 78.00
hard case for SATB Kelhorns 99.00

Susato Plastic Gemshorns

This new instrument from the Kelischek Workshop nicely avoids the chronic voicing instability problem of gemshorns made from natural materials. This instrument uses simplified soprano recorder fingerings, has double holes for c'-c#' and d'-d#'. We stock these instruments in rosewood brown, ebony black, and ivory white, and other models in red, light blue, and dark blue are available on special order.

Instrument Range Price
soprano gemshorn in c'' b'-d#''' 37.95

Susato Plastic Pennywhistles

Instrument Range Features Price
pennywhistle in d'' d''-d'''' two piece
tuning slide
clip-on thumbrest
pennywhistle in c'' c''-c'''' 42.90
pennywhistle in bb' bb'- bb''' 42.90
pennywhistle in a', small bore a'-a''' 42.90
pennywhistle set in d'', c'', & bb'
one headjoint, three bodies, cloth bag
pennywhistle in g', large bore, two piece g'-g''' two piece
tuning slide
vinyl carrying bag
pennywhistle in f', large bore, two piece f'-f''' 69.90
pennywhistle in eb', large bore, two piece eb'- eb''' 93.90
pennywhistle in d', large bore, two piece d'-d''' 93.90

Susato Plastic Tabor Pipes

Instrument Range Features Price
tabor pipe in d'' d'''-f#'''' two piece
tuning slide
clip-on thumbrest
tabor pipe in c'' c'''-e'''' 42.90
tabor pipe in bb' bb''-d'''' 42.90
tabor pipe set in d'', c'', & bb'
one headjoint, three bodies, cloth bag
tabor pipe in a', small bore a''-c#'''' 59.90
tabor pipe in g', small bore g''-b''' 59.90
tabor pipe in F', large bore f''-a'''' 85.90
tabor pipe in E', large bore e''-g#'''' 85.90
tabor pipe in D', large bore d''-f#'''' 85.90
Kelischek tabor pipe tutor 8.95

Susato Plastic Pentatonic Recorders

Please note: we do not keep pentatonic recorders in stock, but will be happy to accept quantity orders for these instruments from educational institutions.

Instrument Features Price
pentatonic sopranino recorder in c two-piece, lowest note g 42.90
pentatonic sopranino recorder in bb two-piece, lowest note f 42.90
pentatonic soprano recorder in g two-piece, lowest note d 42.90
pentatonic soprano recorder in f two-piece, lowest note c 42.90
pentatonic alto recorder in d two-piece, lowest note a 69.90
pentatonic alto recorder in c two-piece, lowest note g 69.90

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