Holzschuh Publications with Recordings

One of the more recent but unfortunately short-lived additions to our inventory was the Holzschuh series of solo recorder sheet music publications with recorded CD accompaniment. The concept is similar to the venerable Music Minus One series that we have offered for years: a given title includes the printed sheet music, including both solo part and bass line, plus a CD recording. On the recording, each piece is recorded twice: first with both solo part and accompaniment, and then a second time with only the accompaniment. The Holzschuh catalogue has presently ten titles: four for solo soprano/tenor recorder and six for alto recorder. Most of the titles are late baroque solo music, but several titles are from the early 17th solo repertory and one title offers the conservative and highly-playable music of 20th century German composer Hans Poser. Sadly, the American distributor for these editions has apparently gone out of business, and availability is limited to those few titles that we presently still have in stock.

Music for Solo Soprano or Tenor Recorder plus CD

Composer Title Order No. Price
Tomaso Cecchino
Girolamo Frescobaldi
Three Sonatas
Canzona detta La Bernardina
VHS-3656 17.50
Various Old English Dances from the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book VHS-3657 NLA
Hans Poser Ten Little Pieces VHS-3658 NLA
Giulio Mussi
Giovanni Paolo Cima
Andrea Cima
Three Instrumental Canzonas
Two Sonatas
VHS-3659 24.00

Music for Alto Recorder plus CD

Composer Title Order No. Price
Archangelo Corelli Eleven Pieces VHS-3654 NLA
George Frederick Handel Seventeen Pieces VHS-3652 NLA
George Frederick Handel Sonatas 1-3 (G minor, A minor, C major) VHS-3650 NLA
George Frederick Handel Sonatas 4-6 (F major, Bb major, D minor) VHS-3651 NLA
Johann Kaspar Ferdinand Fischer Five Easy Suites VHS-3655 NLA
Georg Philipp Telemann Four Sonatas from Der Getreue Musikmeister
(F major, Bb major, F minor, C major)
VHS-3653 26.25

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