Books and Miscellaneous Publications

Author Title Order Number Price
Engelke Music and Language: Interpretation of Early Baroque Music PAN0174 $43.75
Ennemoser The Character of Sound (new information on how the brain recognizes sound) PAN0147 $26.25
Fischer Die dynamische Blockflote MK04048 $42.00
Hunt The Recorder and Its Music (Revised 2002 edition) 179 pg HUNT001 $29.95
Linde The Recorder Players Handbook (English version) ST12322 $38.95
Linde The Recorder Players Handbook (German text) ST04846 $25.00
Martin John The Acoustics of the Recorder - A Study MK04054 $43.00
Neupert The Clavichord NCLAVBK $26.00
Neupert The Harpsichord Manual NHARPBK $26.00
Robinson/Winold Study of the Penderecki St Luke Passion MK04026 $22.00
Ruch Bertrand Roth: Das leben und wirken eines Liszt-schulers PAN0380 $43.00
Spanhove Das Einmaleins des Ensemblespiels (GERMAN text) MK04065 $44.00
Taubert Das Menuett-Musikalisches Wurfelspiel Paris 1786 PAN0169 $21.25
Thieme Die Blockflote in Kantate Oratorium and Opera - (17th Century) MK04050 $6.50
Walden Music Theory for the Bored and Confused (amusing informative) Bk 2 236 pg DER2004 $42.00
Walden Understanding the Language of Music Bk 1 (how-to book) 186 pgs. DER2001 $30.95
Walden Understanding the Language of Music Bk 2 (how-to book) 240 pgs. DER2002 $30.95
Winterfeld Manuscript Booklet PEL0876 $8.00

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